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Excuses to miss work

Argentines live with chamuyo a flor de piel, and we apply it in all areas. At work, too.

Argentines live with  chamuyo  a flor de piel, and we apply it in all areas. At work, too. According to a study conducted by Grupo Gestión, in our country more than half of  absenteeism  is concentrated on Mondays and Fridays, which makes — conveniently — the situation that justifies our lack extends the weekend one more day.

The investigation was conducted on the basis of some 600 cases and resulted in certain trends that appear to be rooted in our society. What is the ranking of  excuses ? Note: digestive problems (40%), influenza (22%), gastroenterocolitis (15%) and low back pain (9%). Most adduce health issues and choose those whose definitions are most imprecise. “My tummy hurts”, “I'm decomposed”, “I have back pain”, “I'm flu” - all valid reasons but difficult to check.

Beyond the reasons that workers give to leave their jobs, it would be good to know how many of those situations are real, how many have a hint of exaggeration and how many are absolute fabulations. We all like to stay a little longer in bed, but be careful that the chamuyo — like the lie — also has short legs.

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