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Every bug that walks

The kitchen wasn't men's territory.

 Jose Hernández  said it about everything that walks...

 In such an exercise 

 the hunter is dexterous: 

 the fattening spike fell, 

 the bird that trines; 

 every bug that walks 

 will stop on the spit. 

Martin Fierro

Before being gourmet and  foodie  was something  cool and cool  , the  kitchen  was not  men's  territory: they did not prepare food and unless they did less than wash the dishes. At most, they'd get a glass of water if his wife wasn't available to do it her.

In Argentina, however, there has always been a historical exception to that maxim: the  roast  is done by  men  . Making  roast  is  male  , because it's not cooking, no no. Throwing pieces of animals to the embers is very male, male with clothes, hands and face filled with charcoal.

If it is on the   grill  , then, it is not cooking. If it's on the  grill , it's okay. Because cooking on the embers is related to the primitive act of hunting one's own food and cooking it on the fire. It doesn't matter if we ask the butcher now, we choose the cut. It has to do with  gaucho , with the field. In short, with everything that is good for  man . God free them from the anaphes and the oven plates!

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