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Even if we don't see it, the Doll is always

A good leader does not proclaim himself.

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For psychoanalytic theory, paternal function does not refer to the presence or absence of the father in reality. That is, the father is not a real character (father, uncle, grandfather) but a metaphor that involves ordering. The concept of function is taken from mathematics: by definition, in the function there has to be a vacuum so that it can be resolved. The same thing happens in the leadership role: the person who exercises it has as the premise that the place of the leader transcends his person, exists on the basis of his ability as a head of a group to influence people and the effective achievement of their goals. To do this you need to be clear that your role will be to delegate, motivate, train, teach, protect, etc., so that your team can operate autonomously and with self-confidence, whether or not you are present with them.A good leader prioritizes the well-being of his employees over the that can be expected of him from the context that surrounds him and will make his responsibility prevail over these people.Already Plato in his work  The Republic  teaches us that a good leader does not proclaim himself, it is the members of a group who recognize him as such and do it is from believe that it will always prioritize the common good over their personal interests.At this point there is no doubt, we are talking about Gallardo, who has always fostered team culture above singularities. He has managed to take care of, he has managed to transgress when his team needed his real presence, he has managed to get his players to incorporate his words for when he can't be around, he has managed to align his way of working with his way of thinking and with his way of being.In the alternation presence/absence, the Doll conforms to theoacute; a team that is about to experience the most important moment in their football history. Gallardo has achieved the primary goal of a leader: a collaborative project with a common goal while remaining faithful to its principles.

Publication Date: 22/11/2018

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By: Lic Diego Soubiate 09 December, 2018

Muy buen artículo Laura!!!! Felicitaciones!!!

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