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Businessman or entrepreneur?

Now everyone is entrepreneurs, however, sometimes such a term is used as a synonym for another - entrepreneur.

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They're all  entrepreneurs now. However, on many occasions, that term is used as a synonym for another -  entrepreneur . But it's not the same, is it? The  businessman — the traditional one — is the person who does  business with the aim of obtaining an economic return. The  entrepreneur , on the other hand, is somewhat more altruistic: it seems that money is not its main engine, but seeks to meet personal or social challenges.

Being an  entrepreneur has much better marketing than being  an entrepreneur , especially in Argentina. In our country,  being an entrepreneur is almost a bad word . It's almost as if we wanted to hide our longing to earn money, as if being able to live from what we like wasn't the dream of any of us. As if a growing   entrepreneurship  would not inevitably become a  company and, therefore, that entrepreneur, an entrepreneur.

But nobody wants to call it that, and this is no accident. It has to do with our history, that story in which “  entrepreneurs stole the country.” Companies are not — by definition — neither bad nor good, and it is the same for entrepreneurs. Companies move the economy, generate jobs. The need to invest or make money does not take away the magic of the act of  undertaking a project . It doesn't turn off the mystique. As long as you keep the focus on what is important and ethics on your site, welcome to be entrepreneurial entrepreneurs.

Publication Date: 07/05/2018

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By: Daniel Benicio 30 August, 2018

Con etica . Pagando impuestos. Pagando al personal lo que se debe. Sin explotacion del trabajador. El asunto es que por alguna razon aca eso es demasiado caro o las empresas no son tan rentables y ahi supongo yo, que comienzan los dilemas morales y eticos, donde cada uno ve que y hasta donde modifica de esos valores en pos de conseguir el objetivo del crecimiento economico.

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