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The kingdom upside down

To set limits is to take care, to take care is to love.

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I was told that in the kingdom upside down the child rules and the adult doesn't know what to do.... It is recurrent in the psychological clinic with children that adults say that they do not know how to set limits, that they doubt themselves and until they are afraid that their children will love them tomorrow, to challenge them. These issues have repercussions on school life, where overflowing behaviour is repeated on a daily basis because they cannot withstand an environment in which rules must be observed. Added to this is the fact that children live as adults: they go to bed late, watch adult shows and movies, have adult cell phones and computers, dress like adults, etc. And it seems that they are being rushed to always be in the next stage of life. In a consultation with a school, the Principal proudly told me"...we give priority to the garden, we give priority to the primary school and we give priority to the secondary school..." I still think about these neologisms... among other questions that arise, such as the concepts of development, of structuring, of times of psychic constitution and everything that has to do with the "step by step" that we human beings need so much. To set limits is to take care, to take care is to love. Respect their times and their individuals, think of them as "children", contemplating their moments, their needs, their breaks, their interests. For those adults who wonder and embark on the maddening quest for the gift of Children's Day, a very simple and very nice suggestion: the best gift is to play; the pleasure of play is easily verifiable. Even better if they do it outdoors and with time. Possibly the inner child who enjoys, who laughs, who imagines, who creates, and you will see the happiness that this moment brings to the children... Happy CHILD'S DAY!

Publication Date: 17/08/2018

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By: LILIANA 24 August, 2018


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