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Each with his mate, we take care of each other

The National Institute of Yerba Mate launched a new campaign to raise awareness and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

As we are
Cada uno con su mate, nos cuidamos entre todos

 How do we Argentines like to take  mate !   And the coasters?I don't even tell you . For us it is a  symbol , a tradition, a symbology of multiple things  that never represent something negative. But with the  pandemic  they warned us that  our  customs  were going to change . Some were easier to implement and others cost us horrors. Like, for example, asking us to postpone the  sacred act  that involves  sharing such a moment  . Beyond the fact that it was  a collective effort  to protect health. Therefore, the   National Institute of Yerba Mate  (INYN)  decided to propose that  we enjoy it in a different way  .  Individually, but together .

A  typical scenario of the mattero  ritual   is displayed in the spot. Two young people in the kitchen, where the first asks the second if he prepares ones. The latter agrees with sympathy, but says he's going to prepare it in two different places. The  message  that is expressed is explicit  : “Each with his mate, we take care of each other.”   And the  choice of age range  would not seem made at  random  . It is that warnings have already been made that both  teenagers  and  young adults  opt for  old  school   . So, in view of the fact that the practice is carried out the same, we bet that it is as  responsible  as possible.

 Stubborn but good people 

The initiative  aims to raise awareness  among the population about the  proceeds necessary  to  avoid infection of coronavirus   . Nobody wants to carry it, let alone spread it.  Which doesn't mean we don't miss our old wanderings . That is why the  action  is  focused on  the fact that  we enjoy the infusion, but using each of  its  own utensils  . The benefits are for a greater good, which is the care of Argentine society. An aspect that  needs more reinforcement than ever before , according to the authorities. It happens that the equation is quite simple: the greater opening, the more the virus circulates between us. So, from the INYN they argue that they are  small gestures that help us cope with the pandemic .

 Recommendations to take into account 

  • Take the mate individually.
  • Clean the matte after each use. If it is made of materials such as pumpkin or wood, it should be sanitized with hot water. Then, dry with a kitchen paper or toilet machine to prevent the growth of fungus. Whereas, if it is glass, ceramic or silicone, soo need to be washed with plenty of drinking water.
  • The bulb must be cleaned after each use. Also, do it at least once a month more deeply. The method will be to dip it in boiling water with two tablespoons of sodium for 25 minutes. Finished, remove it, let it dry and scrub it with a brush in case of solid debris.
  • Thermos lined in porous materials make cleaning and disinfection difficult, or may deteriorate in these processes. Glass-clean brushes are very useful for removing solid debris inside the thermos.
  • Finally, place the yerba in airtight containers previously disinfected with 70% alcohol or diluted lavandine. A recommendation that is contained in the World Health Organization (WHO) Food Manual. As for storage space, the indication advises that they are cool, without moisture, ventilated and clean. They are also separated from the ceiling and the floor by a minimum of 15 centimeters, if possible.

Publication Date: 24/09/2020

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