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Don't touch me nap

Santiagueña, from the north, as you want. In Mendoza we respect the nap as our own mother.

As we are

The wine, the sopaipillas, the  goat to the flame ,  the article before the names, and other practices and meals, identify us Mendoza as a society.  However, there is a detail that the rest of the Argentines are overlooked.  We  Mendoza love  to take a nap. 

From little ones. Parents are  napping , so children do so. As we grow, we do it for our own interest. Attending  school  in shift tomorrow generates the fatigue necessary to trigger the desire to take a little while to sleep a “nap”. And, thus, custom becomes an inescapable  tradition  for 99% of Mendoza.

 Types of nap 

We could start with the  express nap : it  lasts no more than 50 minutes , which is, according to some studies, the ideal time to  rest  your mind and continue with our activities. However, to us, a nap of that time leaves us gladly by little.  We can't get to sleep, we're already getting up. However, it is most often used for those who finish working very late in the morning and have to return quickly in the afternoon. 

On the other hand, there is the  average nap . The common of  Mendoza sleeps   between 60 and 90 minutes. It is the most used because the trading schedule, where much of society works, allows it.  Businesses close at 13 and reactivated at 16.30. Enough time to have lunch, rest and continue to work.

The privileged

Finally, the  nap that is only for some privileged.  Or loafers, lazy and lazy, you'll think. It's true. But it is also true that it is  a pleasure of the gods. This is the long, full nap. More than 2 hours. Some stretch it up to 3 . Applied by those who work at night, or in the morning, but very early, starting at 5 am. Lunch is produced about 14, at 15 they are in bed. And  start the ritual, curtains down, dark room and get lost in the immensities of our dream. 

At 18 the alarm clock rings, or  we are interrupted by a  family  member who feels embarrassed by others (or envy) for what we are doing.  We take off our eyes and literally  are dislocated in time and space. Totally lost.  We took a few seconds to land, to step on mainland. And now yes, we don't realize that the day is lost. There'll hardly be time for dinner, and the envelope again.

That is why it is important to take into account the Mendoza nap. If you're coming to visit us, I knew that,  at nap time, the City will most likely   be completely stopped  , as if it were a quarantine. But it'll be only a couple of hours. And the kindness of our people, along with our landscapes and regional products, will make you forget how much we like to sleep.

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Publication Date: 12/05/2020

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