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Don’t mess with the alfajor.

A Twitter user reported an experience he had with a gringo and an alfajor, and the network burst. Did something
As we are
| 05 February, 2020 |

Running from ourselves and seeing the world from another perspective, for Argentines, is quite complicated. Especially when they mess with something of the most sacred thing we have. The old one? No: the alfajor. To despise an Argentinian alfajor is one of the most serious sins that can be committed. If not, look at the mess that was made from Bruno’s Twitter experience.

Bruno couldn’t come



The gringos





I wasted a white Havanna on a son.

They eat poop dipped in syrup on peanut butter every day and a alfajor seems “very sweet.”

Thus began a thread in which several Argentines downloaded their failed experiences with foreigners . Foreigners who dared to criticize one of the pillars of our gastronomic culture. Or that they didn’t know how to appreciate it properly. The tweet had 93,700 likes, 9200 retweets and more than 1000 replies.

Yasi 🌻


In a meeting with people from all over the world I took A CACHAFAZ and a gringa ate a little bit and left it lying by God cut my chest with a KNIFE THAT HURTS LESS. A Cachafaz I spent for someone who doesn’t know how to appreciate it.



It happened to me that a German left me half a Terrabusi, for later. Ke? Kien leaves half a alfajor for later? After ke?

📺 Vandelay Series 💚 (ludambrose)


I took to South Korea and ate them like in 5 parts. That’s 1 piece a day for 5 days. They don’t have the taste buds prepared for our sweets. I wanted to die, what I spent on Havanna

Candy 🍬


I was despised by DULK because it was very sweet. Are you kidding me? They screw up the digestive system eating breakfast sugar and coloring made cereals but eye, the ddl is very sweet

Babs 💚


Something similar happens with the Germans.

I brought them a box of Havanna alfajores and they grabbed UNO and with a little knife they cut it like a pizza in Ocho.

Of the discussion participated, even, Hugo Basilotta, owner of the Guaymallén alfajores factory, but in his case for tell a different experience and, incidentally, advertise your Brand:

N.Hugo Basilotta


I’m sorry to inform you, Mr. Canfora, that you probably have the wrong brand… I’m tired of giving GUYMAS to the “GRINGOS”, and they love it!! , especially after the Great Chinese Maidana ate it on LV. Even Donald likes them!!

Wounded pride, broken hearts, frustrated intentions. But one thing became clear: with alfajor you don’t mess with it.

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