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Did you bring me the tupper?

What's wrong with our mothers who always ask us for the tupper? An inexplicable mania that is shared by many.
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26 January, 2020

This thing I’m going to tell is something I don’t It happens only to me. I talked about it with a lot of people, and it happens to everyone. AND worst of all: no one understands why. When we became independent of our parents and we are going to live alone or in a couple, moms find it difficult stop spoiling us. So, as a great act of love and care for who once was his baby or his baby, when we go to eat we make a tupper with what’s left over or whatever they have in the fridge.

So far, all beautiful. Have the food prepared is a satisfaction difficult to explain. But then something happens that opts that great moment. Mom’s smile dissipates, her face gets firm, she stares at you and says, “The tupper you bring it back to me, eh?”

The first time it happened, I didn’t give it any importance. “Yeah, sure, Ma, I’ll bring it to you next time,” I said. But next time I forgot, and The first thing he asked me when I got home was, “Did you bring me the tupper?” My refusal did not like it, and from there everything got worse. I finally brought him. that, but had already set precedent: in my mother’s mind, I did not return her precious plastic containers. Then, every gift meal came with a serious warning: “Do not forget, eh”.

Why this obsession?

You’ll think my poor mother has few tuppers and that’s why he takes care of them so much. No, not at all: it has a area of the undercut crowded. Especially because you never throw them away: buy new and continues to accumulate. Can I have the best in your collection, then? Not necessarily: I have taken tuppers from 1985 and the claim was the same.

There’s something that makes my mom — and all moms, according to what I could talk to other people — feel a unstoppable need to have all your tuppers under your roof. If you don’t they are, keep track, write it down, remember it and claim it. He called me about phone to ask me if I had such a tupper of yours (because he has more than one son and, apparently, we are all ruthless thieves).

I’ll never understand. I don’t know if it’s generational or just a hobby that develops over the years. Right. is that moms have an inexplicable obsession with the tuppers who makes every time we take food, we get a problem. I, for my part, I already have my strategy: every time I go to visit my mom, I go waving the tuppers owed so that their first words are “hello, How are you?” and not “did you bring me the tupper?”

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