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Desperate people lower their defenses

Theme of the week: Trafficking in persons.

As we are

Usually it's easy: you have to pay attention to people who are desperate. Someone desperate lowers his defenses, trusts the impossible and does not ask questions. If we manage to get them away from their place of origin by promising them anything, it's a lot easier. When we need new blood and we don't have time to convince anyone, we have no choice but the traditional method.

 In 2017 (last year with data), four people were released per day from the various networks of sexual and labour exploitation: 1387 victims rescued.  

We wander through dark streets, at very low speeds, trying to lift the partridge as little as possible. When we see a girl who serves us, we pass by the side, slow to see her well but not so slow as to get scared. If we confirm the idea that it will serve us, we turn in the first corner, turn in U and go back to it. This time it's all a lot faster. We can't fail.

 In 2018, according to data from the Ministry of Justice of the Nation, 1325 people contacted the 145, which received complaints of sexual and labour exploitation and disappearance of persons. 

Once in the car, it starts the hardest thing. The first thing is to gagged her so she won't be heard when she screams. This step is fundamental. A badly put gag can cause the whole project to fall off. Once she can't scream anymore, we handcuffed her with seals. If she's still very upset, we drug her to fall asleep. We usually drugged them all. It's very difficult for them not to make a scandal. I understand them a little.

 Act No. 26,364 (Prevention and Punishment of Trafficking in Persons and Assistance to Victims) was enacted in 2008. Until 31 December 2017, 11,853 trafficked persons were rescued. 46 per cent consisted of trafficking for sexual exploitation and 53 per cent of labour. 

As we learned, after some mistakes, that it is not convenient for the lift to be near the reservoir, sometimes the trip is long. Ideally, grab a highway: drivers are going faster and less attentive to what happens in the next car. When we arrive at the reservoir, we check it to see if we don't screw up with the sedative. If it's all right, get some sleep. We haven't got the seal out yet. In doubt.

 As crimes that are very often transnational, Governments encounter many obstacles in preventing them. It is estimated that in 2016, 40.3 million people have been trafficked across the globe. Minors account for 28 per cent of the victims. Seventy-one per cent of the victims are women.  

Once he woke up, we explain to him what happened and what is going to happen. That's where the softening period begins, still without customers. We have to do it ourselves, to avoid any scandal. Until it breaks, we can't stop. Sometimes it's a long and difficult job. I once remember it lasted like 20 days. Twenty days of ten sessions per day. At one point I was afraid we were ruining the merchandise.

 Most of the time, human trafficking is related to the arms and drugs business. 

When it is already softened, the easy and performing part begins. We usually send them to a branch in another province, to lessen the chances that they will escape or cross some acquaintance. Lately, on the recommendation of a Mexican colleague, we are implementing a rotation system: no more than four or five months in the same place. It is better to prevent than cure. And be up to date with the sheriff, of course.

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Publication Date: 20/01/2019

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