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A maggot in the fridge that solves our problems.

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Sometimes, certain things that seem normal to us aren't that much. For example, be at home, pick up the phone and ask. Ask for what? Anything. Pizza, empanadas, sushi, ice cream, chicken spiedo, croissants, roast, dog food, alcohol in the middle of the dawn.

Let's look at an example. In Argentina, the usual one, after a group dinner, will shout — pen in hand — to all attendees: “What taste do you want?”; and then everyone will vociferate flavors of ice cream (of course, there is always the one who asks the one that does not like anyone else and remains in the freezer for the rest of the time). Then the difficult task of making the call in the middle of screaming, and let the phone in the ice cream shop understand what tastes, in what proportions and how many cones we want. And send spoons, by the way, so we don't wash.

Although it seems to us most common, this is something that does not happen in all parts of the world. In this case, we are not talking about online shopping and home delivery. That's a bit frequent and widespread. We talk about the old and traditional delivery, the fridge magnet that has the solution to all our problems.

Why is this habit of solving everything with a call? Are we lazy and prefer not to move from our homes? It may be. But, perhaps, it also has to do with the inexhaustible ability of Argentines to innovate.

The one who puts on a grill, suddenly, has the great idea of sending home: two choris, a roast strip, one provo, and ready: in a while you have it in your house. If visitors fall to take mate unexpectedly, ring ring - croissants. Merchants from all areas saw that vein, looked for a new return for their business, and happiness came in the form of a magnet to our ice cream.

Publication Date: 19/04/2018

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