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December is the month of balance sheets, closures, festivities, when one cycle begins and another ends.

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Argentines love to get together for whatever reason, or for no reason. But what during the year is cause for joy and enjoyment, when December approaches, becomes worry and stress. End of the year meetings are multiplying: we have to see each other before it ends. As if the world was over on the 31st, as if in January it was forbidden to get together.

And so, the agenda explodes, the plans overlap and our obsession with meeting “before the end of the year” means that the days do not reach, the hangops become chronic and recover all the kilos that we had lost “to get well to the summer”.

December is the month of balance sheets, closures, festivities. The month in which one cycle ends and another begins. In Argentina, it is the month in which the pace of the weekend happens from Monday to Sunday, restaurants are not enough and WhatsApp groups explode, revive and multiply.

But let's not despair: January will come with its nights off, its Saturday of series marathons, the empty city, mineral water and salads. And we can even lock ourselves in the house and not see anyone for a long, long time.

Publication Date: 19/04/2018

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