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December is the month of balance sheets, closures, celebrations, when one cycle begins and another ends.

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Argentines love to get together for whatever reason, or for no reason whatsoever. But what during the year is a cause for joy and  enjoyment , when  December is approaching, becomes concern and estrand Eacute; s. The end of the year  meetings  multiply: we have to see each other yes or yes before it ends. As if the world ended on 31, as if in January it was forbidden to get together. And as if the week was forty days and the day is eighty hours. When are we going to understand that we didn't get to do everything?

The agenda explodes, plans overlap, and our obsession to find us “before the end of the year” makes the days not reach, hangovers become chronic and we recover all the   kilos  we had lost “to get to summer well.” Not to mention the hassle we live when making any exit in restaurants and bars full of groups of people who made the same promise to meet before the end of the year. It is very difficult to get a table anywhere by these dates and, should it be achieved, it is almost an impossible mission to hear what our companions say about so many people accumulated and bustle around.

December is the month of balance sheets, closures, celebrations. The month in which one cycle ends and another begins. In Argentina, it is the month in which the pace of the weekend happens from Monday to Sunday, restaurants are not enough and WhatsApp groups explode, revive and multiply. Far from being a time of reflection, we spend it drowning the uncertainty of what will come with social events and toasts. Because, of course, connecting with the closing of one cycle (although the calendar and time are just a social convention) and opening another can generate various feelings. Some positive (if the balance is good) but others distressing, if a year ends in which we suffer losses, disappointments, unfulfilled goals and thousands of etc.

January has that I don't know what...

Let's not despair: after the despair and maelstrom of every December, January comes. And, at least for the porteños, January means nights off, Saturdays of series marathons, the empty city, mineral water and salads. And it even means we can lock ourselves up at home and not see anyone for a long, long time.

For people who do not have children boys (who, perhaps, do not have a lot of choice of school walks dates), January is the exact time not to go anywhere and get out of crowded beaches, high prices and lines for everything. January is the opportunity to stay in our city taking advantage of empty public transport, the silence of the streets and the fan in the face.

Usually it is a rainy season and there is nothing that finishes metaphorically painting the hermit's picture that a good afternoon in the armchair of his house with the drops hitting his windows, without any need to go out to be a social person. Books, series, pets, rich smoothies - everything is within reach of our hands.

In addition, the ultraviolet rays of the January sun are another fantastic excuse not to leave our homes. We know how harmful it can be to expose ourselves to the sun when it is very strong on hot summer days, so for our health, it is better to stay kept and protected. Unless, of course, whoever is reading to me is one of the privileged people who have a pool.. If so, invite me, I'll take the protector and don't cheat it.

Publication Date: 19/04/2018

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