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Attractions from Tucuman

Did you know that in Tucumán is celebrated the day of the sánguche in Milanese? We tell you seven interesting facts about the smallest province in Argentina.

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Curiosidades de Tucumán

If you plan to stop by  Tucumán , you need to have some information about this wonderful  province  that keeps many stories. Cradle of our Independence, Tucumán has several curiosities that many overlook. Here we tell you a few.

 Attractions tucumanas 

  1.  The Historic House  is located in  Congreso Street in Tucumán , named after what happened in 1816. But interesting facts did you know that before 1816 that street (one of the main ones in the city) was called Calle del Rey?

  2. We don't like them naming  the Historic House  as “casita.” We are kind, but  very proud of our province .

  3. Our tone is unique, we usually cut the words and we have a very peculiar way of pronouncing the ere. Many tourists like how we speak, specifically, the pronunciation of that letter.

  4. While   santiagueños  have fame, we love to nap. We usually work cut off hours, to eat at home, have a good nap and go to work in the afternoon.

  5. How did you not know these gastronomic curiosities? Empanada is not the only famous food in our province,  the sángche  de milanese increasingly gains more followers and, even, already celebrates a day of its own. Another gastronomic curiosity we have in Tucumán is   achilata  , perfect for summer. It's an ice cream sold on the streets in pink color. Very few know how it is done, and they don't wonder, they just enjoy it.

  6. In our streets there  are plenty of orange trees , but beware: oranges are usually very acid to eat, with them jams are made. For this they are perfect.

  7.  Tucumán  or the  Garden of the Republic  (nickname earned for its colorful and abundant trees) is the smallest province among all Argentines. However, its large population makes it one of the most densely populated in the whole country: more than 1.5 million people live on Tucumano soil.

Publication Date: 28/08/2020

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