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Cordovan stereotype: what is it

We Cordoba have famies of many things. Where does the Cordovan stereotype come from and how it is? We'll tell
As we are
Córdoba Capital
26 January, 2020

The families attributed to the population of Cordoba are mainly from Córdoba Capital. In the imaginary on the Cordovan the nearby towns or the interior are left outside. Places like Villa Allende or La Falda are exempt from the Cordoba stereotype. This has to do a bit because this stereotype is built by others, for example, by the porteños. From there arises a little rivalry between the Cordovan and the Buenos Aires. It has to do with the hegemonization of discourses and the construction of a stereotype around personalities. According to others, the appropriation of the characteristics that govern the personality of Cordoba is produced and reproduced in thousands of areas.

In turn, we we pride ourselves on all those attributes that are awarded to us: to be caravaners, hilarious, funny, a unrevolutionary and always ahead of everything. However, no we allow those stereotypes to pigeonholes or limit us. And less, yes. It comes from someone outside.

And don’t come and tell us we’re all suckly. That if we don’t tell each other, it’s not funny. In turn, the various imitations of the Cordovan tune, which took place in the world of entertainment and in the novels, also offend us. The demands with imitations of Cordoba are many. We even have dictionaries so that others can learn to speak in our language. We do not allow imitations trout.

In the end what we are

Friends, caravaners, chamuyeros, barracks and ferneteros. Any quality of Cordoba, we have little, because we like to prove that we are more than a well-told joke. We are more than the characters who came to fame, much more than Rodrigo, the Mole Moli or Yayo. And we have not only personalities from the world of humor, but great personalities from sport, music and art. The cultural movement of Cordoba is a parallel world. And along with it, the stereotypes that hover about the character of the “Cordovan”are claimed. And in turn, the horizons are widening to the entire province of Córdoba and abandoning the centralism of the capital. With the new dynamics of the city, the connection between the city and the interior becomes stronger and stronger. This causes the reclaim or renewal of the Cordoba stereotype to occur throughout the province.

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