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Cordoba doesn't forget

44 years after the longest coup d'état in Argentine history, Córdoba does not forget. We tell you 4 places for memory.

pañuelos blancos

Cordoba goes against the tide always. It is a kind of salmon in motion, which decides to ignore what its sister provinces do. So the Cordobes are opposed and often rebellious . In times of memory, however, we decided to raise the flag of all peoples. Remembering the missing and condemning the genocidal ones. hugging us virtually and joining concrete campaigns, such as the white handkerchief on the door or on the balconies.

The 24 M is a very special day in Córdoba and throughout the country. Every year the missing comrades are commemorated and many artists join this tribute. Cordoba doesn't forget. The people of Cordoba express themselves in repudiation of the acts of genocide and torturers . Remembering missing young people. The House of Memory (ex D2), La Perla, La Ribera, La UP1 and other spaces are crossed by the testimonies of the victims of the coup. This year the commemoration was different, but it felt the same. Each from home made history by hanging their handkerchiefs on balconies, windows and doors.

Some Cordoba artists were encouraged to share their memory. Various poetic interventions, philosophical and historical talks were given through the networks . Because, in addition to being funny, partyakers and chamuyeros, we are aware. We mobilize, we build networks. The spaces that served as detention centers are still beating loudly . And there you can breathe the hardest thing in history. Visiting them is opening wounds. The House of Memory and the La Perla clandestine detention centre are the most visited. Because investigations were conducted around them and files were generated on how they worked during the times of terror.

1. The Pearl

It is located 12 kilometers from the capital. It was one of the largest detention, disappearance and extermination centers . More than 2000 people passed through, most of whom are still missing. Today there is a space for memory, in honor of these Argentines who made them disappear.

2. La Ribera

A school was operating in the Ribera that erased traces of the coup d'état and military action. Today it functions as a space of memory and collective consciousness. Cordoba doesn't forget here.

3. Former D2 police station

Today it is the House of Memory, where testimonies of the disappeared are narrated and how these centres operated. Thousands of people were tortured, killed and raped there.

4. UP1

This Penitentiary Unit 1 was the place where the majority of crimes against humanity occurred. He housed prisoners of San Martin Prison. Today it also functions as a Penitentiary Unit under democracy.

Publication Date: 24/03/2020

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