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Controversy with former fighters over British flags at Corrientes Carnival

Former Malvinas fighters questioned one of the comparsas of the first category of the Carnival of Corrientes

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Former Malvinas fighters questioned one of the comparsas of the first categoryof Corrientes Carnival for flaming British flags in the parade and demanded that messages be incorporated for the restitution of the usurped territory, they said.

“ The former combatants make a total repudiation of the comparsa Arandú Beleza for this misguided manifestation of what the United Kingdom represents, which by flaming flags we disrespect those who were in the Malvinas , the 649 brothers who died in the war and those who lost their lives in the post-war period,” said Roque Zabala, provincial coordinator of former Corrientescombatant centers.

The criticism arose after the second weekend of carnivals in the capital of Correntina, the images of a group of pasistas of the Arandú comparsa with flags of the United Kingdomhad great repercussions on social networks, representing world powers in the frame of his show called “Libranos de todo mal”.
“ It is in short the display of a call to the conscience of humanity, evidencing the evils that afflict it and placing in the arena of art a show that pretends to be a social denunciation full of meanings that challenge us,” the comparsa officially reported when presenting her theme this year.

Led by cars representing “The Power” and “The Silence”, the flags of the British insignia make up a group called “The Rulers - the Powers”, in order to represent with a negative connotation the countries that accumulate the world's greatest wealth on the basis of of capitalism, consumerism, greed, among other concepts that are personified in various segments of dancers.
“ In our analysis, it is formally asking that they modify that representation of the British power, requesting that they change it for another type of action instead of flags, such as pirates or with an open message calling for an end to the usurpation,” Zabala said.

The leader also explained that “the provincial state should intervene” and highlighted “the danger of being giving this message in a place as crowded as a corsódromo, and Corrientes adopted the Malvinas question as a state policy in which, for example, promoted and actively contributed to the return of former combatants to the islands last year.”
“ They should be more cautious and not respond with disrespect,” the provincial coordinator also asked.

It is worth noting, the carnival of Corrientes has been held five nights of parades and five others remain, in the corsódromo “Nolo Alías” of the provincial capital, where six musical groups and three comparsas of the first category compete, in which Arandú is Beauty.

Source: Télam

Publication Date: 19/02/2019

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