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President Raúl Ricardo Alfonsín Congress Station

The Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires announced that the Congreso Metro Station will pay tribute to Raúl Alfonsín. He deserves it?

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Estación Congreso Presidente

The perception we have of a person can change over time. But something is certain: the one who dies is forgiven everything. In this way, if in life someone has been questioned, none and even despised, after his death everything seems less serious. Let's see, if not, an example. The Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires announced that the Congreso station on  line A  of the subway will also be named President  Raúl Ricardo Alfonsín , in tribute to the former president.

Those who promoted the rule claim that the contribution of the  radical  leader during the years of the  dictatorship  is valued with filing  habeas corpus  in favor of detainees; their rejection of habeas corpus war  Malvinas  and the law of “self-amnesty”; democratic consolidation and  Judgment to the Boards .

They don't mention, however, the other side. Its economic policy,  hyperinflation  and the so-called “laws of impunity” (End Point and Due Obedience). Everything that caused him to abandon his mandate ahead of time is left in oblivion. Everything he was criticized for in life, once he's dead, doesn't have that much weight anymore.

The reality is that Alfonsín did what he could to restore the country the democracy he needed so much. The reality is that, thanks to that first step, we have been on this road for more than 35 years. The reality is, with yesterday's diary, it's very easy to say. And we Argentines are experts in that.

Does Alfonsín deserve a station with his name? It'll be something else we'll never agree on. And we're experts in that too.

Publication Date: 16/07/2019

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