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Christmas, better at home

At Christmas, would you rather stay at home or go out to dinner at a restaurant? If you come to Mendoza and you're going out, don't be scary with the prices.

As we are
navidad en Mendoza

From its religious point of view,  Christmas is a family celebration. The one where we meet loved ones again that we haven't seen during the year, or for several years.  And as such, the celebration is supposed to be in a  house . A more welcoming and warm way to be with ours. However, there is another option, that some Mendoza (and Argentineans) choose, and is to go out to eat at a restaurant.  The intimate and fraternal of the home, is changed by the comfort and gastronomic level of an outstanding restaurant. But of course, that has its price. 

In Mendoza,  the type family is far from choosing the option to go out to eat out. While more and more are doing so, they remain a marked minority. Because the bulk of Mendoza prefers to meet at home, cook, bring the typical dishes, make the ritual of gifts, choose a   particular music   to accompany the night, decorate the table and houses with lights and garlands, among other customs. 

 Going out to eat out 

As we said, there is a smaller part of the Mendoza society that does usually leave home and dine in a restaurant,  not only for Christmas but also for New Year. Or, even, this is a choice to which many tourists appeal, who, obviously, visit the province with the most intimate family and are far from their loved ones.  

Large grills,  winery  restaurants or themed options are the most chosen. Always respecting a multi-step menu, which promises a long evening with toast and, if protocols allow, a little party.

 Costs in Mendoza 

The province of Mendoza is considered a somewhat expensive city, compared to the national average. That is why it is important to review the average prices that have been set for these holidays.

This year,  you will have to think about investing between $10,800 and $26,000 for a family of two adults and two under 10 years old. Here are some of the options that are already being announced on the networks. 

 Menus for 24 and 31   typical Mendoza restaurants  include mostly entrance, main course, dessert and free drink during dinner, and a musical show. The value is $3,600 per person and children up to 10 years pay 50%. 

A typical entrance includes Creole empanadas and a tasting of cold cuts and antipasto. Main course options include stuffed chicken, tenderloin three sauces, braised ternerita with sauce, tenderized pizza matambrito, lacquered pork matambrito, ham and cheese lasagna, vegetable cannelloni, pasta and caruzo capeletti. And for dessert you can choose between the classic almonds, field custard, fruit salad and Don Pedro.

To drink, there are first free brands during dinner: malbec, cabernet, chardonay or sauvignon blanc; soda; beer; or mineral water. And in addition, there will be a bar with beer, soda, juices, champagne and drinks.

However, if what we want is to dine in the glamor and style of a cellar, the costs become expensive.  They offer a six-step menu for Christmas dinner. The ritual begins with an entry of beet and potato croquette with blue cheese mousse and a chardonay to accompany. Continue with a first course of cold melon and champagne soup  with cucumber and wild fennel, and a second course of quinoa risotto flavored with green tea, accompanied by a malbec.

For the  third course you can opt for braised cachete flavored in Andean jarilla with pumpkin puree and sage, baby carrot and asparagus. Another option is tunpungatin trout accompanied with Burgol wheat, citrus zest , asparagus, compote of onions and raisins. Or finally, tortelli of osobuco and szul cheese with beurre blanc sauce and toasted nuts, all accompanied by a classic malbec.

For  dessert there is lemon and thyme tart with spicy meringue, strawberry sauce and dried fruit crumble, with a rosé. And, at the time of sweets, a mix of truffles, chocolates and biscotttis is offered , with a sparkling agent. The price, per person, is $6,300, with all drinks free, and $1,900 for children under 12 years old. 

Publication Date: 24/12/2020

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