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Caravan first and foremost

We tell you how we do the Cordobeses to carry out the activity that represents us the most: the caravan.

As we are
Caravana ante todo

In general,  Argentines are very familiar and friends.  We're from the joint, the hug and the kiss in the cachete. From the  crowd mate . Today as a country we have to go through a process that leads us to change many of our customs. We can no longer make those gatherings of a thousand friends, nor can we celebrate birthdays with our loved ones.  The quarantine  has us saved. However, in Cordoba we look back to make the caravan and the festivities the same.

 Aarian birthday people  are the ones who   even the hands   are the most. But in Cordoba they buy all the  provisions  of the week and  add a plus.  Among the  basic needs of Cordoba  are:  fernet , coca, wine and pritty. If the family economy is going well, we also take a few little cheers. Like nothing is missing. Between laughter and jokes, quarantine days are a perfect excuse for  caravan all day.  Among some birthdays, or just the miss getting together, are the perfect excuses. That's why our  stock of scabio   has to be powerful.  The Cordovan virtual caravan is becoming famous. Between Zoom and other applications, we musicalize the ones together and get angry as we always do. So the birthdays from the quarantine, in Cordoba, don't even notice it.  We put together virtually , and we bomb it.

 Practicing to return to the Sergeant 

The idea is, when the quarantine passes, we haven't forgotten  what it's  like to dance a few  quatratezos .  It's keeping up with the life we had before,  but from home. One of the most popular events so far in this  “ quartetena ”  was the premiere of  CMJ's 2019 Luna Park video .  Carlitos La Mona Jimenez  stopped doing the findes dances, but did not leave his town without his music. Many made video calls and lived it together virtually. Others simply musicalized their day. The Friday Sergeant is the event we miss most. But we're retracting her.

What we never lack is an  excuse to celebrate.  Quarantine has us  isolated, but never alone.  Since we're looking to keep getting together virtually with ours. It's just that  we Cordobeses can't stand loneliness much . We live in a pack, making jokes and drinking from the jar. Now, we change the dynamics a little. We take in individual glasses, make virtual joints, but we do:  we make caravan the same.  

Publication Date: 06/04/2020

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