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Cannabis: they say we can do it here

By law, in our country the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes is allowed. In Mendoza you use this tool, very often.

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The most popular purpose of cannabis worldwide is to the public knowledge. Cultivation, commercialization or consumption of marijuanacigarettes, known as “porros”, at least here in Mendoza. However, since ancient times of the human species, cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes. To cure or to alleviate some diseases when the natural thing was the only thing that was at hand in those cases . Or, when laboratory drugs do not manage to properly treat those pathologies.


latter is the case of a disease called refractory epilepsy. This occurs when epileptic seizures are too frequent to allow the normal development of the patient's life. It has been treated, historically, with different methods. From medication to surgery.

However, in many cases these treatments have not achieved their goal. That's why he's got his hands on cannabis oil. This is a substance made from cannabis, but without the hallucinogenic components that are consumed, for example, when smoking marijuana. In patients in which it takes effect, by taking it, oil manages to dramatically reduce periods of epilepsy, and sometimes completely eliminates them.

On the basis of its relative effectiveness, for some years, the Congress of the Nation adopted Act No. 27,350, which allows the importation of this substance and regulates its functioning in accordance with the provisions of the ANMAT.

Creole Viveza

Seeing that its goal is to liven up issues of health and disease, there has been no lack of living that, going to know using which substance, has stopped more than once in the corners to offer cannabis oil for modest sums. Obviously, the recommendation is not to buy or consume cannabis oil if it is not regulated by ANMAT.

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Gómez-Rodríguez-Ferrero-y-Valverde.Researchers check the effects of cannabis on the heart
Publication Date: 22/05/2020

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