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It is convenient to be on good terms with the beautiful Caá-Yarí

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Caá-Yarí is a deity that has its origin in the Guaraní culture. Nowadays the myth lives on in the yerbales of the provinces of Corrientes and Misiones. Legend has it that Caá-Yarí was a young woman who was transformed into a plant by the gods, as a way of assuring her eternity, but thanks to her benevolence she has the capacity to return to her human form in order to be able to approach men. Although she is a protector goddess of the yerbales (some even believe that she is their true owner), she helps men who are willing to make a pact with her. The pact is not easy: whoever is willing, must promise, in front of a yerba mate plant, not to have sexual relations with any woman, leaving in writing, on a piece of paper that must be buried right there, what day and at what time he will return to prove that he has been faithful to his promise. The encounter will be a great challenge: the goddess will taste the love of her man sending him vipers, tigers and other animals of the mountain. If the man is brave and does not escape, Caá-Yarí will be present in the form of a beautiful blonde woman. If she renews her vows of fidelity and does not maintain relations with another woman, every time the man has the difficult obligation to harvest the weed, the goddess will do it for him, while he sleeps a deep sleep. Those who have not agreed with her will not be able to see her, which will also help him at the moment of receiving payment for his work: at the moment when the burden is weighed to pay her wages, she will climb on it to increase the weight and, consequently, the payment. But not everything is rosy with this goddess: if she ever discovers that her man broke the pact, she will simply kill him, making it look like a work accident. As we see, it is convenient to be on good terms with the beautiful Caá-Yarí.

Publication Date: 28/09/2018

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