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Between the weather and the dollar

Is it going to rain? How much is the dollar? According to Google, Argentines are more concerned about currency than about meteorology.

As we are
Entre el clima y el dolar

This fact may not be surprising, but surely defines us. When searching online, Argentines are more interested in knowing the price of the dollar that the weather forecast. That's what Googlehimself says. In the past year, Argentines googled the word " dollar " about 130,000 times a day.

“ Google searches associated with other currencies increased by 136%. And the dollar is the star: checking your quote is as much or even more common than checking the weather,” details a report on personal finances online in Argentina presented by Google .

Looks like we don't care so much about how much a coat we have to wear when we go out. The US currency trading is our main concern. And it's no wonder: our entire personal economy is tied to that number. Between May 2018 and May 2019, it rose by 80%. And those devaluations have a lot of weight in our day to day .

Publication Date: 25/06/2019

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