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The Santafesino is a bar lover. In the city there are all sizes and colors. But we chose very well which one to go.

As we are

Together with friends, departure as a couple, work meeting or relaxing moment in solitude.   Any reason is valid   to go out through the bars of Santa Fe.

Facebook groups with the most people in the capital of this province are not the ones for buying and selling or job searches: everyone is in some group where reviews and reviews of bars are published. The owners, attentive, take note to improve the quality of care and service. It's just that, with how expensive it costs everything,   santafesino takes great care of mango   and he doesn't like to spend money in a place where he wasn't treated very well or the food was less than he looked. But yes: there may be a crisis. Don't go out for a drink, never!

For all tastes

  The variety of places   to go to lunch or have a drink, in Santa Fe,   is immense   . Strikingly big for a city of less than half a million people. There are themed dining rooms with Asian, Mexican, French-style food and even one that emulates a yankee pub with football shirts. Also, h   ay countless bars   who sell their own craft beer with homemade burgers. There is well gourmet subtró, with dishes of rare names and quirky designs. There are fish eaters, grills, breweries, vermoutheries, gintoneries...

Anyway, everything. And, more surprising, the public accompanies all the proposals. Traditionally, it was said that “Santafesino can't get it out of the bite of milanesas with smooth”. The truth is that today, while that menu is still the most requested and   Choperías are the most popular bars,   is a lot of people who choose a more sophisticated menu.

Simpe or brewed, vegan, wine or beer, alcohol or not, santafesino is good bareño. Come to Santa Fe and check it out!

Publication Date: 26/05/2020

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