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With the mandatory quarantine, the Argentines go out to the balconies. Blessed be that little piece of open air that
As we are
A balconear
| 30 March, 2020 |

They say you value what you have when you lose it, and how true it is. Argentines today live inside: we work, train and “go out” in our own home. Some were caught by quarantine with more comfort: a large courtyard, perhaps a Grill. Others are reviving little-explored spaces of the house. For example , balconies.

With the coronavirus turning up—and the outings restricted to the purchases needed to cope with the quarantine—balconies become a precious asset. Thanks to the fact that we still have good weather, being able to hang out “ outdoors” is really a privilege. So, just look a little bit to see the whole neighborhood from his stalls. The views that each one has vary, but as long as you don’t spend all day looking at four walls, everything works.

In this new way of interacting with neighbors, they have been given from shouts to improvised recitals. Breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners run from the dining room to the balcony and any excuse is good to escape for a while to look at the sky.

When we can’t do the things that we took for granted, we valued everything more. Even that little balcony that you allows another air to breathe. Hopefully, when all this happens (because it’s going to pass), let’s learn to value encounters, hugs, mates between friends. Because, in short, that’s what life is all about.

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