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Argentinos, to things

Eighty years ago, the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset told us a phrase that retains a disturbing news: “Argentines, to things!”.

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The Spanish  philosopher   José Ortega y Gasset  had a very special bond with our country. I also had the wisdom to look from the outside and detect those things where we fail, repeated mistakes and incorrigible attitudes.  Eighty years ago, he uttered a phrase that still rumbles in our ears, a mixture of challenge and encouragement:  “Argentines, to things!” 

In   1939  , Ortega y Gasset visited Argentina for the second time. On that visit, among other things, he gave a lecture in the city of La Plata (Buenos Aires). There he first uttered that phrase that would become famous and that speaks of something that still inhabits us: the famous   crack  .

He would later include it in his book  Meditation of the Young People :

Argentines, things, things! Stop personal previous questions, suspicions, narcissisms. You do not presume the magnificent jump that this country will give the day that your men resolve once, bravely, to open their breasts to things, to take care of and care about them, directly and without further, instead of living on the defensive, of having locked and paralyzed its spiritual powers, which are egregious, your curiosity, your insight, your mental clarity kidnapped by personal complexes.

Only that fragment is so topical that it scares.   Ortega y Gasset  knew how to perceive what would prevent us from growing, what was stuck with us, that characteristic inherent in our being that did not allow us to move forward. And here we are,  80 years later , fighting against our same limitations.

Publication Date: 05/01/2020

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By: Roberto Campos 08 June, 2020

Necesitamos una oposición unida, fuerte, que se apoye en conceptos republicanos que defiendan la libertad personal y la justicia independiente. El próximo objetivo debería ser ganar la mayoría en las elecciones del 2021, para poder poner un freno institucional al desastre a que nos está llevando este gobierno actual. Habrá que trabajar fuertemente desde ahora para que vuelvan a ser buscados, respetados y queridos por la mayoría del pueblo estos conceptos republicanos. Nuestros líderes políticos actuales deberán trabajar unidos en la divulgación de la necesidad de detener el camino que nos lleva a perder las aspiraciones de un país "normal" desarrollado, como fuimos en nuestros orígenes. ¡ARGENTINOS, A LAS COSAS!

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