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Argentina for foreigners: 6 customs

We make a top 6 with Argentine customs that surprise any foreigner and that no one (except us) understands...

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 True Argentine customs are what we don't know where it comes from, but by inertia, as moved by a higher force, we do.    In this note we tell you   6 Argentine customs that nobody understands,  except us. Because, if there is one thing we're aware of is that, unintentionally,  we build argentinity at the stick in every little ritual.  

For many, Argentina is the country of tango, football and asado, yet  our country so extensive and rich is far more than that . In Latin America, our country is positioned as  one of the most visited countries by foreigners from all over the world.   Because we have the south with its  imposing Patagonian beauty and glacier,  and also the north with its first hills that  dye the soul with colors.   We have our beloved Cuyo  of wine and sun,  and the Argentine coast with  its history and tradition.   Each cardinal point  has a special appeal, and that is why Argentina is one of the countries visited, but less understood. Our customs impact and surprise visitors. Sometimes for good, and sometimes for worse...


1. Say hello with kiss (and, if you can, with a hug)

Even if we think otherwise, and other Latin American sister countries say no,  Argentines are effusive and affectionate . However,  for people from another continent, greeting with a kiss and even a hug is a strange custom and can even become invasive. One of the negative aspects of this custom was the new normal:  from the pandemic,  we tried to greet each other in another way and transform all our habits to take care of each other. But... how does it cost!


2. The sensuality of tango, the feast of the quartet and cumbia, the brotherhood of folklore

Although Argentina  is equal to tango for the world,  our country is still diverse even in its art.  And this is something that completely surprises every visitor. Tango is a very important part of our culture and, in the Buenos Aires area, it is directly consolidated as  a tourist phenomenon.   But, in addition to that phenomenon, popular and surprising genres also circulate.   The Cordovan quartet with the dance ritual, the cumbia villera with its delusional songs and coastal or northern folklore with its morals  and learning. Each of these genres constitute argentinity, making every visitor traveler dance.


3. Getting together with friends to make a roast

The meeting with friends and friends is  as sacred as the rite of asado.   Because it is  a meeting made up of  several smaller rites. The previous organization of the joint, the decision of who will be  the designated spit , the preparation of the drink and the rite of fire. Each of these details is part of the  well-known and beloved Argentine ritual.  

But...   Danger!  Many Argentines who are abroad, claim that this is a custom that can even  generate addiction or withdrawal syndromes.  


4. Football as a religion

Unwittingly, without being able to avoid it, for the rest of  the world we are the country of Maradona and Messi, and with pride . That's why we live football in a different way. The passion of the court spreads throughout every corner of the country and in every small club. Unlike other countries,  football fever  hides in every corner of the territory.


5. Share the mate and the pitcher

Every Argentine anywhere in the world  wears his mate, his yerba and his thermos.   This drink is indispensable our life and becomes a habit to start the day.  Mate is much more than an infusion  and gives rise to unique moments. In addition, this sharing vessel also gives rise to the “jarra"that young people share at parties or meetings. Now,  in the middle of the global pandemic , we review our customs and  stop sharing light bulb or container, however we will never stop leaving each with their own mate everywhere.  


6. Dinner almost midnight

There is something that foreigners who visit us learn with a little effort and is dinner almost midnight. The schedule of the Argentinian dinner is very different from the rest of the countries, there is no explicit why.  We simply have a snack at the time when other countries have dinner and have dinner at the time when people from other countries would already be sleeping.   This is  one of the typical customs  that we have difficulty releasing if we travel abroad, and that visitors have difficulty learning.

And you... what other Argentinian custom do you know?

Publication Date: 11/04/2021

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