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Are we happy with each other's failure?

Why is the success of anyone who is not part of our inner circle envy?

The other day, watching a  football  match (watching the album actually, I don't have the coded for almost moral issues), I saw something that marked me a lot. In fact, the instant after seeing him, I said, “This is a note for Ser Argentinean.” You see how present I have you, my dear readers. I hope you guys have that affection for me too. I remind you that my birthday is January 24, but I accept retroactive gifts.

Anyway, the subject was like that. I don't remember the game, I think it was  Newell's - San Lorenzo . He scored a goal one (I think Newell's) and within all the planes he could have chosen, the camera director was left with a close-up of his face, disappointed, of course, of Almirón (for some fallen from the cot, is the coach of  San Lorenzo ). What I thought almost fell from mature:  is it possible that Argentines enjoy the suffering of others more than the joy of others? 

Let's think that to achieve such an image there is no place for improvisation: the camera director a little does improvise, but subject to the images offered by his fellow cameramen. That is, it has to be talked at some production meeting that, if there is a goal, a camera must make a close-up to the technician who received it.  He's premeditated. It's a M.O.  And I no longer mean the famous phrase that “a  river  fan (to put an example, is given in every painting) prefers to lose  Boca  to win River”, which, while it is a petty and somewhat idiotic attitude, is, inside everything, hopeable.I mean something much deeper.

The following reasoning gave me a little more chills: does the media drive that way because they detected that people think so or do people think so because the media shaped their head? Since when do we  as a society make us happy about the failure of anyone other than us?  In this last time I noticed it even in my group of friends (I don't know if it happened before and I hadn't noticed or if it's a recent phenomenon). In the case of my friends, I could not say that they are happy with the failure of others, but  the successes of the other generate more envy than joy.  I wish I'm wrong. Because, if so, I think  we're going to get into a spiral of frustration and destruction of the social fabric that we're not going to be able to get out of.  

Rating: 0/5.