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Are we anti-vaccines?

After some vaccine-related episodes, the San Marcos population could be labeled as anti-vacunes. Will it be like that?

Several episodes took place in  the  most hippy lands of Cordoba  . In the village  San Marcos Sierras , which houses a very welcoming community. And it offers the best landscapes and whereabouts to  connect with nature . In this village, several years ago, the  “Prophet Kropp” was housed, who defined himself as an alternative doctor. With a  Russian vaccine , he promised to eradicate all diseases and replace vaccines. And many inhabitants of the commune fell into their trap. Like so many other cases in Argentina that do  illegal exercise of  medicine  . In the case of Kropp, he already attended a therapeutic center called  Pozo de Luz . It was very crowded by many locals, and also by people from the surrounding area, who moved to San Marcos just to be cared for by the fake.

This prophet, whose real name is Nestor Corsi, has already been arrested. But what is serious about the matter is that many of the patients treated by him  did not receive any other medical treatment  or vaccinations. These alternative procedures for the cure of diseases are very common in San Marcos. And in all the  Sierras de Córdoba . This is due not only to a philosophy of life, but also to a strong mistrust of the medicine business. It grows years after year, in Argentina and around the world.

On the other hand, in addition to cases such as that of Kropp, San Marcos suffered many times forgotten by the Government. So, on several occasions, there  were a lack of supplies for vaccines  of many inhabitants. So, we see that the problem of vaccination is much deeper than just a personal and individual decision. In addition, decisions like this  directly affect the entire community .


One of the most serious  diseases  that attacks today is meningitis. It is about inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain, for  various causes . Its origin may be virosic, bacterial, parasitic or fungal. It is a  deadly picture,  which must be identified and treated urgently. In addition, its sequels can be very serious. From motor deficiencies, to poor learning performance. This disease can be appeased and even avoided with all five doses of Quintuple vaccine, and other vaccines. Most of these doses are included in the  free vaccination schedule . However, it is  the responsibility of each family  to take the time to carry out this task. As it is also  the State's obligation  to ensure that this programme is complied with all necessary inputs free of charge.

What makes  meningitis a fatal and very serious picture  is its  difficult identification  . His symptoms are very similar to those of other pictures. Such as flu, or angina. That makes many  doctors  not diagnose it quickly. Which aggravates the situation. Or it also causes many patients to self-medicate without making the necessary medical consultations.

We give you some tips to identify this disease:

Especially in infants:

With the correct identification of symptoms, immediate medical consultation and prior vaccination, we can avoid having a very bad time. Because vaccination  is not only a right, it's a necessity . Because taking care of each other is a responsibility.

 The case of Milo 

 Milo, 2 , went to vacation with his family in San Marcos for 5 days. After the trip, he started with  fever,  headache  and vomiting . After home consultations, she was diagnosed with angina. As the symptoms followed, his parents did not hesitate to take him to the Sanatorium of La Cañada. There he was urgently referred to the Allende Sanatorium for a possible meningo encephalitis. So he was admitted, did the necessary studies, and today his whole family is accompanying the recovery process. When it was quickly identified, the necessary revenues were taken.  Your family is under treatment because of possible incubation of the  bacteria  that cause this condition. With almost 10 days of hospitalization, and 5 of intensive care, Milo returns home. With his toys, his dog and his little brother, who missed him.

Milo's case  is not an isolated case . In the squares of San Marcos, or somewhere in the Sierras, there is a child carrying the bacterium who  is not yet under treatment  for not having identified or manifested symptoms.

In order for cases like Milo's to happen, it is necessary to  be vigilant, take care of ourselves and be informed .

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