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Are we all machirulas?

We talk a lot about female power, but sometimes Argentine women seem to be more macho than male.


Fleshy lips, a bright red lipstick, a mouth ajar, wet, opening in slow motion. That shows the commercial we are reviewing between creatives, marketeers and communicators sitting around a big table. And right there, inside me, my feminist side protests “No, no, no! Enough of that role for women. We are and want much more than seduce the male.” Am I wrong?

I decide to expose myself, raise my voice in the middle of the team meeting. I openly oppose the aesthetics of the commercial and I see my 40-year-old colleagues staring at me. Laughs, peepes, some comment between the teeth until a colleague, woman she, openly supports the proposal, totally discredits my feminist vision and goodbye, there goes the Commercial Juicy Mouth to Production.

Days later it starts to be published And... it's a hit. Millionaire turnover. And then I keep thinking... will we be more machirulas than males?

Let's admit we're in Argentina. The macho culture runs in our veins. The tango, in which the male guides and the female accompanies to strut, has already to give me a hint of the size of the challenge we face. Immersed in reflection come to me hundreds of images of Argentine women wearing an apron, preparing Sunday's pasta, moms Cora sweeping the sidewalks, without the right to voice or vote, without a place in companies and without even wishing to have it. On the other hand, I see the new generations of millennials and centennials women who don't know very well where to stand, freezing eggs, arming in their great mostly single-parent families, consuming men for discard and taking day after pills such as aspirin. Sometimes it would seem like we're a little bipolar. On the one hand, we want gender equality and stop trying to like the male. But, on the other hand, one of the items where we spend most is on beauty and aesthetics to be more beautiful and attractive.

The classic woman is fully in force and spends everything she can to look prettier. But its evolution, the millennial that fights for its rights and total equality, is the market that today begins to have purchasing power. Between the two, women represent between 70% and 80% of market buying decisions. And compared to men, we do a lot more online shopping too. We like to shop. We do it every day. Alone, friends, online. We love it.

It would seem that the moment of the change is now, but perhaps as a society we are not so prepared for equality. Because, still today, the advertisements, the products, the photos of women-object with half-open mouth, red, juicy and sensual, sell. And a lot.

What do you think?

Publication Date: 21/11/2019

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