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An indecent proposal to the governor

Rodolfo Suarez, president of Mendoza, did not acknowledge receipt. I knew the indecent proposal that made him a transient shelter.

As we are

The transient hostel, hotel accommodation or   called “La Luna” is one of the oldest in Mendoza. But it is also famous for its curious and desopilating advertising campaigns.     “If you come by bike, we pay you for the deodorant”, “Pregnancy insurance: if within nine months you have a child, we will return the value of the room”,   are just a few of the witty examples. However, this innovative advertising strategy does not run during quarantine. As empathic and funny as it sounds, customers can't attend. That's why,   the telo had no better idea than to make a   flyer   with a direct request to the governor.   The indecent proposal he made to Rodolfo Suarez was viralized in a blink.

  “Rody, we need you...”  

That is the message that can be read in the image that is going around computers and devices from Mendoza and even national.   The plea is addressed to the governor of Mendoza, Rodolfo Suárez   . But that's not all, the real indecent proposal he makes is in a half-lost section that reads:   “FREE PASS, Governor and Vice.” I mean, they offer a free pass to the governor and another to the Lieutenant Governor.  

It is that, as in the rest of the country,   Mendoza's accommodation hotels have presented a strict protocol to re-function. They claim they receive between 40 and 50 calls per day from a sex-avid customer to know when they will reopen their doors   . In addition, they claim that they have everything ready and that they are the most convenient option since, according to them, couples are going to dark and clandestine places to have sex, which is dangerous and violates the rules of quarantine.

So, with the   hashtag “let love come back”,   This transient hostel puts a bit of humor to confinement and tries to put pressure to lift the barrier, open the doors of its rooms and make passion feel again in the establishment.

  A classic of wasteful campaigns  

For Mendoza it is very common to see on social networks or on public street advertising signs some ingenious notice of the hotel accommodation “La Luna”. It is a typical scene of standing at the traffic light, in a corner where there is a close of work and, on the posters, read a desopilating and persuasive message to attend the telco.

For many years, “La Luna” has opted for such campaigns. So occurring have proved that, in addition to increasing demand for their service, they have been highlighted by local and national media. And, if the pregnancy or the bike (quoted above) seems bizarre to you, prepare for those who follow.

  “Mendo-trans. Transvestites and transsexuals, we return the value of two bus tickets plus half an hour in the period.”   We must explain that Mendoza's public transport system is called Mendo Tran. Thus, of course, the resemblance of the word “tran”, of transport, with “trans” of sexual orientation was used.

  “Divine justice. If you were the victim of theft or theft, file your report and we give you one more hour in the period. And a beer to drown the sorrows.”   With compassion, the hostel offers a good time for those who have had a bad time in some robbery.

  “Let's unfaithful. We receive a credit card and the hotel name is not listed in the summary.”   Driving infidelity, the hotel offers perfect service for cheaters.

Publication Date: 09/06/2020

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