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An Argentinean friend...

We'll have a lot of flaws, but when we're friends, we're iron.

As we are
Un amigo argentino...

There is a famous  meme , unknown author, that tells us the virtues of the Argentines at the time of   friendship .

Nothing more suitable to know how foreigners see us when they spend some time in our beloved country.

  • A friend is someone who never asks you for food. An Argentinean friend is the reason you organize a  meal .
  • A friend asks you how you are, an Argentine friend tells you that you look good, hugs you and kisses you.
  • A friend may have never seen you cry. An Argentine friend cried with you dozens of times.
  • A friend sends you flowers and a card when you're in the hospital. An Argentine friend stays to sleep in a chair next to you.
  • A friend borrows you something and returns it to you after two days. An Argentine friend borrows you something and every week he forgets that it's not his.
  • A friend offers you the sofa for you to sleep. An Argentine friend lends you his bed, lies on the floor... and won't let you sleep all night because he stays talking to you.
  • A friend knows a few things about you. An Argentine friend could write a book with the things you've told him and the things he told you.
  • A friend takes you aspirin when you're a cold. An Argentine friend makes you a chicken soup and the home remedies that his grandmother taught him.
  • A friend knocks on your door to open. An Argentine friend opens the door, comes in and then says, “I got crazy! ”.
  • A friend asks you to make him a coffee. An Argentine friend comes to the kitchen and grabs the coffee maker, and he may even ask a neighbor for sugar if you don't have it.
  • A friend invites you to eat a week before and asks to confirm if you are going to go. An agentino friend calls you at any time and says, “In five minutes I throw the meat on the grill, bring you a wine... “.
  • A friend, he introduces you with your first and last name. An Argentine friend says, “Machine, this fiera is my brother.”
  • A friend, if you're going through a bad time, says, “I didn't call you for a while, so as not to disturb... “. An Argentine friend calls you every minute saying, “Boludo, what you need, let me know... “.
  • A friend can be for a while. An Argentine friend is for a lifetime.

 We'll have a lot of flaws, but when we're friends, we're iron.  

And if you don't know how, say it by singing

There are countless  national songs  for all tastes that represent how special friendship between Argentine friends is. If you find it hard to tell that special person how valuable it is to have it in your life, dedicate a song like in the old times to remember how much you want it:

  •   Friend — A77Aque : 

You are my brother of the soul
Really the friend
Who in all the way
And for nothing is always with me
Although you are a man You
still have the soul of a child
He who gives me his friendship
His respect and affection.

  •   Friends — A.N.I.M.A.L. : 

feel almost the same
We know what we think
God wants destiny to take
us always walking on par
Friend with you elusive fear There is
nothing better than a covenant of friendship.

  •  My friend — Pack: 

My friend even though silence
is the language we learned best
Today I need to speak to you like that, like that.
In these difficult hours I live
It's your presence that helps me to follow
You know what I know, you know it very well.

  •  Friends — Bicycles: 

The sand, the wind and the shadow
and everything that is not named
It's a song that talks about friends

  •  Empire Bar — Miguel Mateos 

There's a place
Bar Imperio
I let myself go
My friends too
What good it is to be
and talk a little fart

  •  Your faithful friend — Jaf 

When you're lost
Under a sad gray sky
And nothing is going well
Put your thought on me
And name me just
remember you'll always have my friendship.
Call me, find me,
and wherever you want, I'll be next
to you.

  •  To you friend — Almafuerte 

This time, I dedicate it to you brother friend
que since yesterday. You walk with me this road
It is my luck to be able to sing this I command; grateful
To you archetype of never loosening
Leal and prawn. Fused friend, I'm with you.

  •  My friends — Kapanga 

For in the good and the bad ones
Because in the bad and in the good
we will raise our glasses
even if they are empty or full.
We will celebrate forever with these verses that I write today
It is friendship that unites us. Let's sing with my friends.

  •  Pole — La Renga 

If the suns are born from the shadows there are
still nights to dawn,
But I'm missing this morning
My old friend, you advise me

  •  Friends — Enanitos Verdes 

It doesn't matter where
you are If you come or if you're going
Life is
a path A way to walk

If there's something to hide
Or there's something to say It will
always be a friend
The first to know

Publication Date: 18/04/2018

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