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High in the sky a warrior eagle... What happens to us when we hear the first Aurora chords, the song to the flag? We tell you on this note.

As we are

Just as there are scents that transport us in time and in space, there are songs that return us to another moment instantly. What happens, for example, when we hear the first chords of   Aurora   The song to the flag? In my case: school, row from minor to senior, sleep, yawns. The hoisting of the flag every morning and the song repeated by heart, with words and metaphors that maybe I didn't even understand.


  High in the sky a warrior eagle,  

  bold rises in triumphal flight,  

  blue a wing of the color of the sky,  

  blue a wing of the color of the sea.  

So far, it still makes sense. But what happens to the next stanza? :

  So in the irradial high aurora,  

  arrowhead the golden face imitates  

  and shape wake to the purpurate neck,  

  The wing is cloth, the eagle is flag.  

  It's the flag of my homeland  

Irradial Aurora? Does the golden face imitate? Shredded neck? Generations and generations of children have been repeating these words without stopping to think about their meaning. However, the reality is that there is an explanation for these phrases that most of us don't know.

The lyrics of the song, originally, were in Italian. So, when it came to translating it into Spanish, the free interpretation of the terms made their own. For example, on the “arrowhead” that “the golden face imitates”, in fact, the face is not face, but beak: it happens that the word   peak   , in Italian, it means “face” and, well, false friends made their own. In this way, a perfect metaphor — like the beak of the illuminated eagle that looks like the tip of an arrow — becomes a face imitating the head of an arrow. A much more complicated image to recreate.

Luckily, the final stanza, the one that excites the most, we always understood all. And yet, when we sing it very loud, we get goosebumps.

  of the born sun that God has given me;  

  is the flag of my homeland,  

  from the sun born, which God hath given me;  

  is the flag of my homeland,  

  from the born sun God has given me.  

Publication Date: 20/06/2020

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