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All very nice, but I'm leaving for a few days

Living in tourist places does not take away our desire to undertake new directions. In Chubut, many choose to join the two ends of the province.

As we are

Warm temperatures, the beginning of a new year and the desire to walk — more than anything after an exceptional long period of staying at home — make those who decide (and can) travel to other places to vacation choose something different from their everyday life.

  Chubut   is divided, simplifying and broadly, into two:  mountain range and sea  . This is not a strict rule, but those who reside in the eastern part of the province commonly choose to go and enjoy the mountains, lakes and the green mountain range, while the inhabitants of   Esquel ,  Trevelin   and surrounding villages, organize their summer on the shores of   Puerto Madryn , Puerto Pir amids . The changes of landscapes influence for a more explicit rest: stop seeing -for a few days- the beauties of the  Andes Mountains  to contemplate the sea and the  Peninsula Valdes , and vice versa.

mountain range

It should be noted that the months of December, January and February, mostly, there is a great prominence of the territory and the villages through the Popular Festivals here and there; gastronomic tasting, drinks, handicrafts and musical groups and artists: the sun that falls already with quite a schedule advanced, encourages you to make the most of the wonders of every corner of the Chubut.

The Octopus festival in Playa Magagna, Playa Union, the various shows on the waterfront of Puerto Madryn, the  Provincial Meeting of Artisans in Epuyén ; the Festival of Roast in Cholila and the Steam Train in El Maitén, as many others: the Energy in the Florentine Dam Ameghino or on the plateau, in  Los Altars  (Regional Arrow of the Arrow).

pyramids 2

Although Los Altares does not exceed 800 inhabitants, it is a strategic place and an obligatory stop for every traveler who passes the National Route No. 25: after stretching your legs a little, next to a small playground, one enters the business of the Service Station and, even if you are not hungry or not whether lunch time, you have to take out your wallet and spend (or invest) on a great and famous local product: homemade bread, raw ham and cheese, with butter or mayonnaise, and warm. A taste feast since the person asks for it: can you sin of exaggeration? Maybe yes, or maybe not and we're all with water in our mouths thinking about  that  big homemade bread sandwich  .

The sandwiches and Los Altares would be like a prelude to reach the tourist - holiday destination as well as on the return to the tranquility and comfort of the house: it is in the center of the province and is also a fairly noticeable break of the  mountain range  with the plateau, in the sense that the Valley landscape, with the orange colors of rocky shapes, accompany you several kilometers on driving, and sometimes, also adds the Chubut River.

mountain range 2

  Patagonian summer  has differences not only in temperature, but also rhythms and events: while the coast has a great presence of that cold and sea wind, the sand between your toes; the mountain range is greener, next to large trees and flora in general, and quieter lakes, if there is no wind that “itches” the melting waters.

 Chubut is extensive, diverse and with great landscapes that can be used all year round : summer is the perfect excuse to continue rediscovering corners, people, products and parties in a province that always gives you a surprise. The summer and holiday rest is added the joy of traveling miles from your favorite places within the provincial boundaries.

Publication Date: 29/01/2021

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