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Alferneé: the fernet alfajor is Cordovan

It couldn't be any other way. We put fernet on everything we can. This time, we created a fernet alfajor. The name? : Alfernee.

As we are

  Ferneters Cordobeses   if there are any. Also creative and good eating. All this was combined into a new invention:   Alfernee   , a   alfajor   which has a filling of dulce de leche and fernet. Is there a more Argentine culinary invention? I don't think so. Between the traditional of our favorite treat and the national of the   black drink   that we love, is formed a   new identity icon   . This invention is   everything that a cordovan   and any Argentinian dreams of trying. It's gluttony come true. Would you encourage you to try it?

This idea arises from two Cordovan companies that merged to give us a surprise, and a joy.   Fernet Berney   and   Oki Oki Alfajores   decided to work together to fulfill a dream. And they did it. They launched this peculiar delight for sale. Alferneé arises from the   creativity, passion and innovation   that runs in the Cordovan blood. In addition, it is possible thanks to the programs that drive Córdoba enterprises. And they generate contact networks that become multitudinous projects. This is the case of Gerardo Seghezzi, owner of Alfajores Oki Oki, and Guillermo Beney, producer of the artisanal fernet Beney. These two personalities, coming from   San Francisco   and from   The Wonders   respectively, they bet together. They met in an exhibition called “Córdoba Vidriera Productiva”. And they decided   to undertake   a new road. Innovate with the proposal of a unique, special and well original bite.

  Alfajor with tonada  

The idea arises from a meeting of fate, which crossed two visionary entrepreneurs. The name of the combination   alfajor + fernet +   tonada cordobesa   : alfernee   .   With two “e” finals   , to extend the name and generate the tonadita of those who inhabit this earth.

This one   invention   became the   souvenir of all visitors   and the perfect gift. Because it is representative of our mountain ranges and our good taste at mealtime.

Publication Date: 14/05/2020

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