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A spiritual quarantine

In quarantine, people are testing new practices. Yoga and mindfulness are two disciplines that allow us to connect with our spiritual side.

yoga meditación

Being forced to stay in our homes was something that wasn't in our plans. All of a sudden, that thing we craved so much every morning when we went out to work became real. And we found out he's not as good as we imagined. The first few days, perhaps, we stayed in full time pajamas. But over time we realized that we had to activate. Some took to online functional training classes or zumba. Others try to do CrossFit routines by changing kettlebells for water drums. But many take advantage, too, to begin in a slightly more spiritual discipline, in these days when the mind needs calm. In quarantine, it's time for yoga and mindfulness.

When out-of-home plans are excluded, you have to manage indoors. Once we've ordered closets and cupboards, we've seen Nexflix from top to bottom, we're bored with social media, and we need a break from newspapers and news, what do we do? That question was asked many and the answer came in the form of more spiritual practices.

Yoga and mindfulness

Yoga is not something new in our country. Many people have been practicing it for years. But many others always thought it wasn't for them. Until, locked up and isolated, anxiety began to emerge. So, in the intimacy of home and away from the possibility of feeling in evidence, why not put on the joggineta and throw yourself on the floor for a while, YouTube video, to try to make a class? More than one was surprised with the results.

Mindfulness also comes out a lot this quarantine. It is a meditation practice that aims to pay attention to our surroundings, thoughts and sensations, but without judging them. It is a relaxation technique that teaches us to become fully aware of our emotions in order to eliminate the frustration or anxiety caused by not being able to change certain situations. This helps us to cope with the stress and anguish, so common in these times.

Yoga and mindfulness. Body, mind and spirit, then, are treated equally in this quarantine. Welcome back be the running of the bulls if it serves us to connect a little more with the things that we really need.

Publication Date: 08/04/2020

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