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A ritual that reflects our society

The Last First Day is, for teenagers, a simple celebration. For adults, however, it is a projection of something they may not want to see.

As we are

For a few years, high school students who start the last year of the school have been doing what they called Last First Day (UPD). It's basically about celebrating the last time they're going to start the school year. After that, the university, the job or whatever they choose will wait for them. After that last year, they will begin to try to insert themselves into the adult world. So is it so crazy to celebrate?

The forms, they will say: what matters are the forms. Public disturbances, vandalism in celebrations and, above all, excessive consumption of alcohol and other substances. However, before we tear our garments and shout at the four winds that “youth is lost”, it would be good to have, first, a little empathy. We were all 17 years old. And, more importantly, each one had 17 years of age when he had them . It's up to these teenagers now, with society as it is, with the world as they gave it to them. Is it their fault?

To understand this situation it is also important to put hypocrisy aside. The kids don't go out and get drunk only on the Last First Day: they probably do it every weekend of the year. Not all the boys, sure. There will also be the one who does not drink or the one who does not come out. But most of them are. Why is it so striking that they do this particular day, then? Because of massiveness, because it is impossible to ignore it . Because we can play dumb if our son comes home turned around any Sunday morning, but if he comes to schoollike that, and someone tells us something, now. It's something else.

An everyday job

It is necessary to understand, then, that the education starts at home. Even if it sounds like a phrase. For taking care of the situation, not the Last First Day, but every day. All of them we were 17 and (luckily) we did things we shouldn't do. To run a little of the boundaries is not bad, it is part of a stage of discovery and rebellion. The point is when you lose the axis: that's when you need to pay attention. Do not prohibit or be shocked because a teenager gets drunk; accompany him, look at him from close, teach him what is the limit of fun and that respect for each other is the main thing in any situation.

And, above all, to understand that this is not a matter of a day, that because it is in the newspapers is not more important than any other weekend. Take care of the part we have and stop complaining about teenagers being what they are: adults in the process of training, with everything that implies.

Publication Date: 13/03/2020

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