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Who the hell cares about the former Falklands fighters?

As we are
ex combatientes

I am not a former Falkland fighter. I could have been, since I did military service in 1982. I have friends who were at the front. And some acquaintance who fell in combat.

First of all: are they all heroes? Yes. Even those who were scared when they saw the Gurkas and ran away. Even those who died in the sinking of Belgrano, without stepping on the islands. You know why? Because the soldiers were just 18 years old. And I know that there were many heroes among the officers and noncommissioned officers. Many.

I'm going to tell you a couple of things that I don't know if they are so public.

The first thing is that the military dome cracks licensed (as appropriate) the instructed soldiers of the 1961 class Army in February. And in April they took the islands with boys who had two months of instruction (which did not apply). Maybe they had gone to a shooting range three times. The Marine Corps boys were a little more tanned from Running, Cleaning and Dancing. Those are the ones who confronted the English professionals, with more eggs than anyone and obsolete weapons. Those two battalions of which almost none returned.

The military dome was convinced that the English came with their entire fleet to "throw a couple of shots and sit down to negotiate." And that the United States would respect the TIAR and support us against their motherland. Clear. It did not happen. And although they were seeing that the bombs of our Air Force hit the ships of the English Navy but did not explode.

That the tanks were sinking on the Falkland crane floor. That we were decimated in Pradera del Ganso because our Air Force could not operate because of the weather. Despite that, they did not give up and prolong a war lost since we go. They knew it and sent thousands of children to sacrifice. Many missionaries on the verge of collapse because of the cold they had never felt in their lives. They cared about an ass. And those boys returned them with courage, with war actions rather than heroic. Because those kids did care about the country.

The middle managers of the Army worked hard on the chocolates, clothes and jewelry that the people donated to the combatants (many of them, their peers) or to sell and let them know what to do with the silver. And you know who donated more? The poor. Always the people putting the shoulder when the State fails. With its chains and gold rings. With some earing and pin. While companies boasted rickety donations (well, maybe they knew which pockets they were going to go to).

Yes. Sons of bitches.

But people also had theirs. Let's remember with justice.

The National Soccer Team traveled to Spain to play the World Cup, in the middle of the war. The clubs, bars, restaurants and theaters never closed. For a large majority of the middle and upper class (insurance with few children involved in combat), the conflict was somewhat distant, as if it had been carried out in another country. It seems we left them fighting alone.

We are rare Argentines. Perhaps here he applies very well the phrase of a great acquaintance who is no longer: "Let's arm ourselves and go."

After the Alfonsin government, total oblivion came. That got worse with the limitless revenge of Kirchnerism, to the extreme. As otherwise, it would have been Argentines who fought the war. A political and not real revenge, which used sympathetic people with the anti-military left for their own electoral benefit. I say this because this makes it more dirty, delectable and low. "He" and Elisabet were not even Montoneros, as they said. They only used people to their advantage, with something that suited them. As they used the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, they also forget that those who died were mostly boys, not military. But well, they were not interested in the colimbas killed by the bombs that their children put. Today nobody asks for justice for them.

Only revenge can explain teachers who proclaim elementary students that Maldonado was killed, and they say nothing about Oscar Ismael Poltronieri. That 18-year-old soldier who refused to retire and forced his companions to do so, while he repelled the English alone with his machine gun, for more than 10 hours. They say nothing about the only soldier in history to be awarded the "Cross of the Argentine Nation to the Heroic Courage in Combat" and the "Iron Cross to Valor" of the British government. Yes: British. Luckily Oscar is alive and Now they recognize it.

Today nobody asks for justice for the Ex-Combatants. To those who are just shyly recognized again (it was De Le Rúa, in one of his last actions). For example, in military parades, which returned from the hand of the Macri government.

For more damage they have done, and I hope they never repeat, no matter how much we want them, a country without well-armed military is unfeasible. Today not so much because of a hypothetical external invasion, but because the borders become a drug strainer, destined for our children. And until recently they were.

So, when we remember the military for the coup of 76, let's remember them also for war and for borders. Not to those who sent them, manga of motherfuckers, but to those who fought. And also remember what little people did during that war.

It's time to revalue the former Falklands fighters.

It matters to me, that 37 years ago that every April 2 I cry like a boy, even today, at 55. And I hope you care about me, that you are reading me for something. Because if we don't care, let's screw up as a country. We do not change anymore. We will continue to be immigrants, when it is time for us to be Argentines, for the good of all.

Publication Date: 02/04/2019

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By: Hugo Haddad 30 May, 2019

Excelente nota,me siento identificado con quién lo escribió. Falto la parte que el peronismo saco el servicio militar obligatorio y la juventud empezó a perder valores y respeto.y por sobre todo amor a su patria.

By: Bob Ventura 14 April, 2020

En respuesta a

Hola Hugo. muchas gracias por leer y por tus palabras. Es verdad: faltó lo del servicio militar obligatorio y lo de la pérdida de valores. coincido totalmente con tu comentario. un abrazo.

By: Luna azul 04 April, 2020

Excelente!!!! Hasta las lágrimas ,el país necesita muchos poltronieri ciudadanos con Valores mi eterno agradecimiento a esos muchachitos valerosos

By: Bob Ventura 14 April, 2020

En respuesta a

Hola Luna azul. mil gracias por tu comentario y por leernos. es muy acertado pensar que necesitamos muchos mas compatriotas con valores. desde estas páginas comenzamos un humilde reconocimiento hacia esos chicos que se hicieron hombres de golpe, que seguira con muchas más notas sobre ellos. te recomiendo leer "El milagro de Malvinas". acá en nuestro sitio. te va a encantar. un saludo.

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