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A new tale of uncle

Taking advantage of the bewilderment that exists in society, criminals take advantage to implement a new version of the famous “uncle's tale”.

As we are

There is no pandemic to slow down Creole's liveliness. Faced with a situation as vulnerable as the one we are living in, in which confusionreigns, there are always those who take advantage of it. With the coronavirus, and the uncertainty that generates, a new “uncle's tale” appeared.

In the province of Buenos Aires, they warned about people carrying out false vaccination campaigns - Yeah . It is a new modality used by criminals to present themselves in the homes of unsuspecting neighbors and, under the excuse of “applying vaccinations” or “disinfect”, enter homes to steal.

Even began to circulate a false note, via WhatsApp and social networks, about this alleged coronavirusvaccination campaign. Quickly, the government of the province issued a statement to deny it and warn the neighbors about the story of the uncle.

In connection with alleged campaigns of vaccination that are erroneously circulating, the Government of the province of Buenos Aires clarifies that there is currently no vaccine against coronavirus and, therefore, there are no household visits to prevent population.

Apparently, this new version of the "fairy tale of uncle"originated in Madrid (Spain) and was then imitated in several countries, such as Colombia and Ecuador. In times of quarantine, it is important to be attentive to these kinds of issues so that they do not catch us unawares. In addition, it is essential not to disseminate information to family and friends unless come from reliable sources or official agencies.

Unfortunately, we have to take care of many more things besides viruses.

Publication Date: 25/03/2020

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