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A Mapuche against gender-based violence

Veronica Huilipan will fight against the gender-based violence of the indigenous peoples of Patagonia. Know what motivates it and what are the actions it projects.

As we are
Verónica Huilipan

In view of the marked escalation of gender-based violence in the indigenous communities of Patagonia, the Government took some measures in this regard. The most important has to do with the appointment of Verónica Huilipan as coordinator of Addressing Gender-Based Violence against Members of  Indigenous Peoplesgenas  (PPII). Now,  Mapuche Veronica Huilipan will fight against gender-based violence from  within the government system.

In that regard, the new coordinator said that crimes against indigenous peoples, especially  women , were an ancestral issue. A situation that  has unfortunately normalized in Argentina, to the  point that today we perceive how something has become often ignored and invisible in our society.

 The fight in its new role 

The fact is that Verónica Huilipan will now address the issue of gender-based violence from an office of the  Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity . She says she  will fight tenaciously to eliminate that tendency towards invisibility  which, for a long time, have assumed as issues linked to indigenous criminal matters.

The representative of indigenous peoples acknowledges in her sentiments that she will be presented with a large agenda of issues to address, not only at interdisciplinary, but also intercultural and interinstitutional levels. All this will require hard teamwork, among all governmental areas: provinces, community territories, municipalities and national entities.

The appointment of a leader of the stature of Hullipan is in itself a great reference and guarantee of the good performance of his work throughout all these years. She  has been involved in many issues of her community and in achieving goals for all  indigenous people in Patagonia  on various occasions , both on an environmental and institutional level as well as territorial.

In addition, he is a prominent member of the Mapuche Confederation of Neuquén. The  crimes against women and the LGBT community originating in the region are now promised to end  . With this appointment, Veronica Huilipan will fight against  gender-based violence.

 About the work plan 

Asked on her work plan, Veronica Huilipan says the first step is to make a list of indigenous women who live and lead the region. This will be in order to convene them to regional meetings, which will enable them  to make a diagnosis  of the current environment of indigenous women in the country, as well as to reflect on the situations of violence faced by themselves and LGBT groups.

Among the problems to be addressed by her office and frequently faced by indigenous women, some of the following are:  colonization and discrimination, extreme impoverishment, crimes, territorial dispossession , among others.

He stated that many crimes and abuses against indigenous people are caused by the excessive criminal and repressive response that some public bodies have assumed, when indigenous people claim their rights collectively and publicly.

This often occurs in the face of the dispossession of territory. In this regard, Verónica Huilipan said that its management will not only focus on gender-based violence, but also on  strengthening    the indigenous  identity  ; gena and visualize it .

To this end, it is intended to organize  the defense of territories and culture  through the creation of laws that benefit indigenous people and to monitor compliance with them. Such as Act No. 26.160, prohibiting evictions, and Education Act No. 26.206, which obliges the system to incorporate the Bilingual Intercultural Education Programme. Undoubtedly, this is excellent news for our indigenous peoples in Patagonia.

Publication Date: 16/07/2020

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