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A picadita to start

A quesito, a salamin. Some bread. Some fried potatoes. A little peanut. Why is that fascination we have with the bite?

As we are

We got together to eat. People are coming little by little: there are always those who arrive before the agreed time, to help organize; those who fall punctually; and those who take their time. So, to wait for us all to be before we start eating, we tear off with a mince.

A picadita. A quesito, a salamin. Some bread. Some fried potatoes. A little peanut. Those olives that someone brought from somewhere and we can't help but taste. The ham leg left over from the other time and is still in the freezer. Some Milanese from the other night, cortaditas. Those pickles someone bought for some reason. A dozen empanadas. Grandma's pickled eggplants. The crumb sandwiches a fan went to look for before he came. Sausage, of course. And dressings.

The mince arises, at first, to “deceive the stomach”, but the deceived ones end up being ourselves: once it starts it is difficult to slow it down and, in most cases, it ends up displacing the main course, which was the initial reason for the meeting.

But what is the reason that fascination we have with the bite? Maybe it has to do with what it is a social dish: the minced is shared, we eat all from the same table, everyone takes what he wants, in the amount he wants. It's democratic. The minced, too, shows us how we are: when the last olive remains, there is one who hurries to stay with it and who kindly gives it to the next door; the eternal struggle between the angurrient and the considered.

Anyway, this scene is repeated in every meeting in Argentina: emotion leads to rampant, and when we realize, no one is hungry anymore. The mincemeat is spread in quantity, in variety and in time. Maybe it lives up to the main course, of course. Because, when appetite is scarce, there is always the desire to lengthen the moment.

Publication Date: 19/04/2018

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