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A list of Tucumanidad

Florencia Larrea is a Tucuman journalist who published a creative disclaimer on her social networks. Tucucumanity on the stick!

As we are

There is a maxim among Tucuman and that is that we should never pronounce the phrase “casita de Tucumán” to refer to our greatest symbol: that House that became historic and far from being a “little house”. It's just that words play with the symbolic and the representative, so whenever a tourist comes and names it as a “little house”, we correct it. That's what we call fighting and military our tucummanity.

Journalist Florencia Larrea decided to make a list of those 20 things that tourists should learn from their visit to our province.

The list

1- It is not Tucumán's house, it is Historical House.

2- It's not gauchocostume, it's typical dress.

3- It is not humita empanada, it will be in any case empanada de choclo, humita is another meal.

4- If you come to Tucumán, eat pies seriously, ham and cheese and Vegetarians ARE NOT EMPANADAS!

5- It's not collation, it's northern alfajor .

6- They are not masitas, they are tablets of cane or dulce de leche.

7- It is alfeñique or, failing that, alfeñiqui (in basic tucumano), it is not caramelito Tucuman.

8- It's not pancake with sausages, it's pancake.

9- The guy who runs the traffic isn't something new or eccentric, he's an agent. transit, a worker.

10- The sculpture of the pedestrian I don't have the palest idea what the hell it is.

11- In the north it eats in abundance, as long as they leave us, do not be frightened.

12- We speak loudly, we do not scream.

13- We say CULIAO for everything, as a greeting, an expression of affection or anger.

14- CHUY and TUY are not meaningless onomatopoeia. Chuy means cold; you, hot, and always come accompanied by the word crap.

15- If they call you, “Crap!” , we've already adopted you.

16- We talk quickly and inside, if you don't understand what we say I asked for the repetition.

17- Don't leave Tucumán without eating a

Publication Date: 03/06/2020

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