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A generous country, pineapple and slapped

“There is one thing going on in the country. It falls a lot of data,” says our MC Mamo Gutierrez and starts with dicks, and matracas, the weekly summary of

As we are

 By Mariano Oropeza 

 The third week of 2021 in  full color  in “ A generous country”    Argentine wins at the Dakar Rally,  our compatriot from Spain Kevin Benavides is the first Argentine and Latin American motorcycle champion, and Manuel Andújar climbed to the podium in quadricycles , and achievements in science,  with an early COVID19 test, and national scientists in a team against the global pandemic . Also bad, bandoneón cries, cries, and the death of the great Juan Carlos Copes, a master of the dance floor who renewed citizen dance, and created the resurgence in 1983 with “Tango Argentino” in Paris and Broadway. Argentina was the top of news for this and many other things, such as the implementation of the  Law on Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy , which motivated one of the best jokes of the year, work and genius of our presi, “Happy to have put an end to patriarchy” Thousands of years of struggle women finished in the signature of a single man, and a single law on one role. It's not a joke.  Fernandez, today you become a meme.  

News of national catastrophes in San Juan and Córdoba remind us with a bittersweet smile the distances of a country, other of the increases in naphtha, in an unbocked chronicle, slap their pockets and mood states. Speaking of states,  a proposal for paid and vaccinated holidays in Russia that more than one signs already .  And another, in a factory state now, of some pure English that get in our noses.   The princes are already seeing how to cut dozens of units of the 60 and turn them into groups bañaderas, which with the restrictions of the bug and without air, would be a measure applauded by the young girl who does Tiger-Constitution.  Even in the Falcon de Varela (Vamos Defensa y Justicia, more Peronist name, impossible) they think of small laps that refresh the users' legs, and a grill with bondiolitas, choris and vegan brochette , in the last seats . Like, people, it's not something new because in one of his etchings, Roberto Arlt commented on such  amenities  in the Mataderos collectives. It was 1926.

 Parents on the verge of nervous breakdown 

To vary a little bit, whether a pandemic or not, the beginning of classes is the subject of national debate. Surely there will be records of the same problems in the 1810 Cabildo. Guilds, officials and parents argue hand to hand who takes care of the children (here friends do not go the inclusive, I think) They, very happy and carefree, play the game billion of  Among Us  or  Roblox  (you over 20, googlea)  Every time parents run out of balance in cell phones or cards, or broadband exploits, even the dog is online, have in mind the beautiful image of the birth of their progeny. And they count to ten.  

As a good news weekly, another contribution to the widespread confusion, Mamo inaugurates the   sports horseback ride  with the Boca Juniors football championships, in men, Diego Armando Maradona Cup (it is for you, Diegote), and in women, the first Professional Women's Football Tournament. Here Boquita made history by putting seven cucumbers into River. We know he has high octane of machirulez, but isn't it fine?

What will we get  next week ? Will China collide with Africa (They serve, ugly your thing to compare the conurban with the Black Continent, a little racist, don't you think?)  Will it be discovered that the secret of eternal life is in a piletón of Villa Cañás, Santa Fe, Matria land of Mirtha Legrand? Will Mamo continue to seek bliss on the move with his Latino contempt?   All these questions, and no answer, of course, will come in the same bat-day and on the same bat-web. Piribiribiriiiiiiiii.

Publication Date: 25/01/2021

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