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A generous country: Pedro, sale Special

First installment of the special “Un País generoso” with Mamo Gutiérrez, Qué húmera pasado si edition. And give Argentina, savorrrrrrr

As we are

  By Mariano Oropeza  


  Remembering is lying. With that trigger inspired by writer Rosa Montero, our MC Mamo Gutierrez rewrites the milestones of Humanity in an argenta key. We premiered the first speciai of “A generous country” to make laughing a healthy habit.   Sugar or styvia. Imagine with us a special mission with sangches and mattes, and the photo of Carlitos on the panel, inevitable.   Captain Beto is going through space   , captain's log, “Yesterday Collective/Today I love among the masters of the air” Or that fights wave   Gladiator,   oiled types, instead of Imperial Rome have passed meters from the house of Tucumán. Like I tell you, the congressmen of 1816 would have glued some bulletites for the cougar against the realist.   An important thing friends are friends , this country was born fighting the realists. If that's not a cradle brand, what would Doña Rosa be?  

The twilight zone is moving forward with other facts that changed how we understand our time. Two gift sample buttons: the fall of the Berlin Wall, which would be a little different from the Marley Wall, or the cloning of the Dolly Sheep. Maybe you think it's possible that Mirtha has clones, we don't know, but there are, there are.

  What we all know is that the national shield is missing the typical wire.   Yeah, the wire that makes the vaquitas alien. Or the one that is used to tie the matambre. And who performs the noblest tasks of the household like to lock that door, which at night does not let sleep, the poucha. As Mamo says, a noble wire that at the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 could have been useful to tie the ship to the pique. Put it on.   And let Leo Di Caprio hold on before he turns into an iced bonbon. Sorry, alert spoiler. Let's multiply the wires and the world would be better built. At least, tied up.  


  The Specials are out  

As we want to squeeze Mamo's talent, and let him think new Argentiniadas, we throw away other historical moments.   We think of Julius Caesar's “And you too, Brutus,” the end of the Roman Republican. In the national version it would be a “this is a damn thing for Marcelo, isn't it? “give it, if we are gummies, if we saw the Cyclone together when the Bug sent us to B.   But give Brutus, if we ate the fainá before running to the yawners. But son, if we went on tour to the thermal baths in Retiro, baby, loosen up and I brought the rosé. What are you doing with that tramontina? Cut I don't think because it's Brazilian, heh, uh, Brazil, tell me what it feeleeeeeeee. Epilogue of Chespirito: a red puddle in marble, which Brutus cleans with disposable handkerchiefs purchased 2X1.

Michelangelo is finishing the Sistine Chapel. Back is the apprentice in a hurry. He has a diary under his arm, the title of Chronicle, “Leonardo said Michelangelo is escaping the turtle.” For what, bilirubin was uploaded to the sculptor of La Piedad and he goes down a fury, divine, “And he who can't do even a horse! ” Grab me Pepe that spoiled everything in Florence on the V or Piazza Once. The one who is drawing boludinas without laburar, inventions for the day they fly the pigs, and only made one   javie   smiling. The one who debuted with a kid.   But grab me Pepe who fills his face with fingers and confess that David's chizito is in his image and likeness. But grab me Pepe and don't let me go.  

And so to the infinity of small scenes of men and women who made the pages memorable.   A touch of dulce de leche, a stripe with a birome and a ravine on the track, which we milongueamos in the Vatican, or in Washington DC   . That in the whole world we know for   Piazzolla,     Maradona   , Borges,   Gardel   Evita, Che Guevara, Cristina and Wanda Nara, love us because where would they find the Bible and the heating wire?

Publication Date: 15/03/2021

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