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A generous country, only suitable people, posta

Mamo Gutiérrez takes us to the follies and goals of half court of a vergel called Argentina. That it's like a swatter, with a lot of things inside, that we split up, weigh and laugh.

As we are

 By Mariano Oropeza 

 And the fifth of “ A Generous Country” took off. I never understood why you say “goes the second” if it is identical to the “first”. Or why in Disney they are all animals, but the only pet is Pluto (Vicky phone).  Let's leave these useless doubts of the scribe to refocus, recórcholis Batman, on a new ride of this crazy, crazy,  ispa  that we love so much. We want them because it has geniuses,  regeniuses, pendex in science and fashion, we want them because vernacular influencers  think that what they do is a job (to earn money is not necessary to work, Barrionuevis, philosopher  peronistis syndicalistis  , 20th century AD) and because our condors not only greet the sun but annoying tourists (watch where you do the roast!).  Guess what fake news is and you win amazing prizes at s As we were always partners, partners, everyone wins! Do not believe me, click, click on  

 Fake news came here to stay.   Like COVID-19 or Mirtha. It's probably as old as humanity, and moisture, but the exponential explosion of networks, and the journalism that makes a note of a post, did the magic of believing us anything at any time. Some specialists found her loose body in the infodemia, very contagious,  there is no fickle that can hold, and they say achalay there is no vaccine. At the same time they negotiate with evil laboratories that would charge 1,000 euros for a placebo. Last thing, liar,  fake news , bad mine. But imagine that a big net  influencer  , perhaps Dylan Fernández, uploaded this news and shared it with millions of followers. Another than  Orson Welles' Martians, yes, googled and met a genius, give it.

 The Civil Association “Chamber of Influencers (Digital Leaders)” would have been one of the largest human organizations, high place of knowledge, and that would concentrate national genius and talent.  Let's think about the impact on education, with thousands of hours of teaching how not to speak Spanish, or the protection of the music industry, in live classes of thousands of  youtubers  trying to be famous destroying some summer theme. Not to mention literature, with those  booktubers who know who is some  fantasy writer from New Zealand but ignore Jorge Luis Borges and Cervantes. And they recommend that it seems that there is no more, that with leaves and which collects dust on the shelves, what was it called?  The General Inspectorate of Justice should be called the General Inspectorate of Animal Injustice and Abuse. And all by some lines that spit out a large portion of these girls a few years ago, when they could just write and read, at the tender age of twenty or thirty.  

 The condor passes, watch out!  

We are not talking about the traditional classic of Andean music that turned into a planetary hit  Simon And Garfunkel  in 1970; and that in his original version of Daniel Alomia Robles is considered the second hymn of Peru (nor about how Americans were inspired or choreed for another of his successes, “The Sound Of Silence”)  We are chamuyating about a false news, a fake, man, woman, bi or trans, who reported on a “  condor sorete killed tourist” What would be a case of indigestion, what bolts did you weigh, dad Condorito . Raise your hands who read this venerable idol from the Chilean comic book and did not cause you any grace. Well, going back to the news, it was another lie about the  Matrix . Blue pickup. You'll see that everything is a lie, said Discépolo in 1929 without so many special effects.

To close, the encouraging news that tells us that we have a future because we are in mind.  Lucia Chemes, Santiago Artemis, Julieta Porta, Sebastián Calvera López and Wenceslao Villegas, in different disciplines, carry the pride of knowledge, and work, national.   A confirmation that Argentine talent has left us on the court. To go up cosmic barrels.

Publication Date: 08/02/2021

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By: El Xeneize 12 February, 2021

Excelentes estos resúmenes de noticias... No hace falta ver más Crónica ! jajaja

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