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A generous country, never to the cuete

Before they close the doors to go to play, work, study and a long etcetera, Mamo arms a noti bien picadito so you forget the sorrows. For a little while, daleeeee

As we are

 By Mariano Oropeza 


That the Royal Spanish Academy has very important things to decide, it is true. About 600 million people talk about it in the world and need a compass not to speak the  peditum.   Mamo ventilates us in the unusual news of “ A generous country”,  in a week that lowers the barrier to stop the COVID company. Here you will find WhatsApp groups not suitable for delicate stomachs, the creole beatle and high mountaineering feats at only fifteen years old.   Also the other side of the coin, a thriving and supportive, with the installation of a three-layer barbijos factory, unique in Latin America, and a solidarity campaign that touched the Argentines. opens the barquera and lets the pentos run on the national court.  

We don't know what you were doing at 15. You were able to see Cris Morena's boys, or kicking a leather on the sidewalk, with the little litre glass close by.  Tomás Oddel del Chaltén, at the age of 15, set the record at Fitz Roy, in Santa Cruz, and is the youngest person to climb to 3405 meters from Monte, one of the most complex in the world due to its huge stretches of almost polished slabs. But this is not the first time that this teenager, son of a family of climbers, Marcela and Max, reaches national roofs, at thirteen he climbed Guillaumet's Needle of 2579 meters, and came from the Poincenot 3002.  He is also a national champion in the minor category in the company of his brother Pedro of 17, who shared the adventure with him and his father. Sure does not have vertigo when you change a lamp in the kitchen, give it, that already goes for everything to ASPO, DISPO and ea, ea, pepé.

 Some say Lennon was in Argentina. And that he didn't miss any of Juan Alberto Badia's radio programs and voted anonymous his favorite beatle theme, none of Paul, correct. Sometimes a few choris were sent on the Costanera to the rhythm of Love me do, vaquita . Some of that with  Javier Parisi,  a musician from Lanús, who is the water droplet of Liverpool genius . So much that he impressed John's same sister and caused a sensation on the streets of England with her resemblance. Believe it or not, Ripley would say, he was born the same year of the murder of the composer of “Imagine” and his mother is called Julia, like the mother of the life partner, and art, of Yoko Ono.  I'd have to have a Chinese market or make notes from the bed, and put the noodles on me.  


 Good one of the week. All for Emmita.  

Three-layer beards result from the best protections at these times of pandemic. And now they're nationals.  The SME Grupo Tex Sociedad Anónima invested twelve million pesos in new models that take care of the domestic economy. Ours and the small business workers who continue to fight it in a complex situation. Yes, if you can approach the trade in your neighborhood and consumed the national brands.  Whether it's a kilo of bread or a barbijo. The way out is to help each other.

 We always talk about the  solidarity of the Argentinean s Para la beba  Emmita  we built the largest solidarity bridge in the world by getting one of the most expensive remedies in the universe, exceeds two million dollars, and that helps it fight Type 1 spinal muscular atrophy, the worst of all. And here entered the scene the influencer Santiago Maratea,  with previous charitable background as ambulances for the Wichi community, and in the amazing time of two weeks, gathered the necessary money with the contribution of Susana Giménez, Marley, Wanda Nara and a mysterious “generous person, very funny, very humble” who completed the sum with 500 thousand dollars. Once again we check, boys, that when we want, we can.

Publication Date: 17/04/2021

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