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A generous country, get on the national collective

With the hardness of the crust of a freshly baked bread, Mamo spreads the motherland sourdough with the best taste. I bit without fear, have any teeth you have.

As we are

 By Mariano Oropeza 


 Investigative journalism appears in “Un pís generoso” Tiemblan Jorge and Miguel Atenti  Rodolfo . Mamo grabs the mataburros to talk to us with dignity, covidiotes.  Yeah, we talked to you, children of freedom, flower pot  runners  . With the backing of the very prestigious Spanish Royal Academy we tell you that you are wandering around the streets, with a smile “qué piola soy” They are aerosolizing Humanity slapped by Don COVID and his gang. You ladies, ladies, cancheros, rebels  way.   The same ones who do not walk through the guards, and therapies, where the bad payments- heroes of this mess without Messi work.  I hope they don't go for a walk around, or visit, of course, but for that we need them to meet the minimum of the barbijo, which is well put more vibes than Susana Gimenez and Jasmine on the cover of People magazine.    We will be reiterative but we are not the only ones, let us respect health workers, teachers and the deceased and families, covidiotes.  

Another thing that Mamó grabbed in the 17th edition, we are already going for a third of 2021, start preparing the vitel toné, is the  flow  of trap.  Argentina is one of the main exponents of the genre that is breaking the world.   Shakira and Jennifer Lopez already put a trapera thread into their songs.  Nathy Peluso and Rosarina  Nicki Nicole  are stars worldwide, so much so that the most watched late night in the United States, led by Jimmy Fallon, presented in his Last I send a spectacular performance by Nicki with his megahit “Wapo traketero”  Now, for you who combs gray hair with his thirties, what would trap be? Mix of rap, hip hop and  dubstep,  born in the rappers of Atlanta - not those from Villa Crespo, old - in the nineties, with a strong base in electronics and industrial techno, was the Latin American reggaetonera that reset the trap of the hand of Bud Bunny, Maluma and follow the signatures If even Madonna include it! oacute; in his indecipherable hit “Medellín”! Usually chosen trap as the worst musical genre by critics, it is not difficult to understand the reasons for its success among teenagers, with its constant appeal to sexuality and money, something that retains from the marginality of its beginnings in the United States. Maybe the girls, who are getting more and more trappers, can give it a twist, “I wear a Versace dress/I know it will make you scratched,” or “This ass is natural/not plastic,” says Doña Peluso.


 Duck, before you uncover, make us a call 

Bigeye, duckling, skate.  From we strongly ask you as Mamo, that before talking about our Falkland Islands, you hit a tour for our April special.   There you will find the history of the British usurpation, which started long before 1833, and the lives of the heroes of the Falkland War, with first-person stories, and articles with their outstanding opinions.  And as if that were not enough, you can know the opinion of  Mario Markic , an Argentine on the way that “leads them in the heart”  Dale Paty, from montonera to minister of security, take the collective of the Homeland.

 And for you to load the SUBE card, and the cupboard, first thing first, we do the gauchada to provide free service to the community. The best. How to make to win more guitar . You don't have to leave the house to put those morlacos together, who are never extras with the green friend who goes around 200 miles. Tommy Fricher with  influencer   Stephanie Denmer,  who has a million followers on the networks and is a real  SME,  weapon kills in hand a  workshop  at no cost, open to all budgets, and that It will improve your business skills from the couch or the toilet, which side are you on, buddy?




Publication Date: 01/05/2021

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