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A generous country: follow us, we're not going to let you down

Menem is an Argentinian metaphor in many respects. Mamo Gutierrez explains it to you to get bitter laughing.

As we are

 By Mariano Oropeza 

Like the yaguareté that resist with the good Creole wood,  Carlo I, the Tiger of the Anillacos, the Panther of Olivos, is another typical animal of the Argentine savanna. A topography that takes the form of lists of ineffable candidates in these pampas. Perón's Peronist, Peronist of the resistance in the dictatorship, one of the few Peronists who smiled in 1983, Peronist Renovator and Liberal Peronist in the 1990s, until the last Kirchenerist model, uf, Menem synthesizes several of the virtues, yes looking for them, and defects, obviooooo, of Argentine politics.   For some of the best decade of his life, Miami's speedy delivery, and others who turn him the most corrupt government in history,  menemism made a hover in the mindset and memory of a country. That's why Mamo Gutierrez is right to put sideburns on the news  . And every fact can be explained in Rioja terracotta tone, since the  arrival of the Spaniards  (did Hernandarias not bribe the Indians on the Litoral and was it all?) to the last tapa events (Papurri became famous doing some tricks for the camera, like President Menem at Neustadt or Mirtha, don't you know who Papurri is? You're  off line ) To the evidence I refer, I would say Carlos - who failed to testify in Comodoro Py for the tragedy of the explosion in Rio Tercero, a Cordovan city that did not adhere to the national mourning

Campazzo spends it in the NBA as Menem spent it on the courts. Or Luque, the champion of '78, who gambeteteed all the yuyos and went straight to the bow.  Carlo was also a pioneer of Latin American aerospace advancement, or an outstanding philosophical commentator of the complete works of Socrates (the Brazilian crack), and even an advance in the colonization of Puerto Madero, an advance that his colleagues imitated to add footballers, models and new rich . Forbidden to think what you're thinking, whatever the final destination was for the new Buenos Aires neighborhood ninetero.

A winemaker had to save on wines. Sounds like a bad joke about an apprentice standup, and overnight, but it's the hard and pure reality. A possibility that opens up so that we can then save on the assets we consider valuable. Some will be able to save on cotonets. Others in smart mineral water (sic) There may be potentates that hog kiwis. Maybe a bank of valuable things just for one will be a business in the future. To begin with, I'm paying ten coffees in advance, then put together a tender plan, and sell my share on the black market at a rate higher than inflation.  I said that we Argentines never hooked the timba of the Stock Exchange because with the accumulated experience, other than the  Wolf of Wall Street , a Leo bean.  

 Good news, there is 

Among the yerba buena of the week stands out the invention of the  first robotic mate primer by a Santafesino . Or the vagrancy driven to infinite boundaries. You can't even bait a mate, give it gaucho. A little better is to spread the campaigns of “ Chavo del 8 salteño” , which works on the awareness and care of our environment. Luis Di Stéfano devotes his spare time to work in the rivers of his province, and dressed by the remembered character of Roberto Gómez Bolaños, he approaches with his orange bag, and children first help in the task of cleaning with joy and smiles.  Di Stéfano is also a very popular figure in the North because it accompanies low-income girls and boys with diseases. An example of solidarity to applaud and imitate.  

And to win incredible prizes you don't need the tremendous hope of Mrs. de Pinamar. Nor do you expose yourself to a tremendous storm, or a hellish sun, outside your house. Just keep doing what you like most, read from end to end,  and interact with the site through comments, reader notes and other fun ways. Don't let the turtle escape!

Publication Date: 22/02/2021

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