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A generous country, Carne Somos

A new national return with Mamo Gutiérrez, in a week of vaccinated presidents, children demolishing compus, locked provinces and a beatle asking not to eat meat, in the country of cows. Uf.

As we are

 By Mariano Oropeza 

What a week, dear, thealor does not loosen, pucha, I would say Catita/Niní Marshall. And it seems that it affected the fingers of our presi, produced unimaginable results in Latin American football (hold on the Falcon de Varela!) and led to the green clouds, that I love you green, the shares of an Argentine company, Made in Argenta.  A generous country opens the barquera, releases the cattle to graze, and looks with a cow face grateful to Sir Paul, who asks from his mansion, some of them, that we eat meat on Mondays. Anyway, McCartney , we were already on it with the back almost a thousand, and the void in six gambelis.  So the order more than a wish is a reality that we made possible in recent months, whether or not we are vegan, environmentalist or crazy about the roast. As Don Atahualpa would say, the vaquitas are alien.

One crazy week he had President Fernandez with his first shot of the long-awaited Russian COVID-19 vaccine.  A recommendation to older adults before writing to a social network: please do so under the responsible supervision of a young man under 20 . Speaking of the virtual world, we also learned that Mercado Libre is one of the most valuable companies in the world. An example of an Argentine company that after ten years of losses didn't lower its arms - how did you do it, Marquitos? - and today it penetrates the main markets. And the yellow tide hits the doors of Wall Street, and now we're also competing, thanks Gerardo.

 Culture is never enough and, if missing, it is not noticeable 

In order for us to learn a little more about our beloved ispa, Mamo introduces us (with all due respect) into the history of the monument to corruption of Troiano Troiani, in the imposing, by dislocated, Public Works building, today Ministry of Health, and gives a little data about democracy to Creole. Over the monument in  art deco style that adorned  one of the flanks of the mole on  July 9  thousand speculations are woven, on the basis that it does not appear in the original plans of 1933 along with his pair. The most credible versions testify that it represents a silent protest against the widespread  corruption  of the Infamous Decade, the first decade of the 1930s of mass and federal public works.  With this figure José Hortal, at the time National Director of Architecture, demonstrated the hastío at times that private and public were bidding in a non-sancta way in concretion of the Buenos Aires avenue.   This building designed by the architect Alberto Belgrano Blanco, the first skyscraper in Buenos Aires, before its completion in 1937 was about to succumb to the pillory because it obstructed the trace of citizen pride. We'll never know why it didn't happen, but that little little man in the sculpture means something. Get your hand out, Antonio!

 Moving on to another can, the situation in Formosa caused several to take the books of civic instruction and read the provincial constitutions . Yeah, those, that every two years are changed and replaced, without much we know, kids, don't put any role in the election envelopes, porfi. Unfortunately we knew that Reyes Sol exist in three provinces (listen to Mamo to know what they are, animate and deprimite if you are any, life is a tombola). And not exactly the Sun King Marchesi of Mariano Martinez. These are not loves.  As  René Favaloro would say, “San Martín would catch the countryman several generations of constituents .” Dale, googleá what capar is, don't be lazy, shamigo.

Publication Date: 01/02/2021

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