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A generous country, at a distance shabón

With the celestial and white on, Mamo malambes the news in version Claudio María Domínguez. Om Shanti, Shanti. Hey, kid Jaime, next time a map without colonies. The Falkland Islands are Argentine.

As we are

 By Mariano Oropeza 


Everyone can give the news of classes if, or not, in the face of the swift escalation of Don COVID and his gang, the real funerals of a royalty coming to less, the courts on the routes and protests of poor health staff or, pouf, the title a million Lio.  Few are those who dare to open that tuper that veils the greenish, and does not have roquefort, and take the rabbits out of the news that really matter. Unmask the big brands that try to sell us cat by hare or highlight the Argentines who make a difference . Mamo makes an eye, eyelet, to weekly news and puts the distance, Lamolina. And it conveys a peace that neither Claudius Maria nor a Dalai Lama would make a shadow. A peace under the shadow of “ A generous country.”  

Let's get out of the ombu that has every personal Pampa and stop looking at the navel . The barbijo saves lives. So say scientists and recommend a rigorous distance breath garlic.   Poor the  Allium sativum , what made them the kid infaltable in Neapolitan, which is one of the main Argentine products with 140 thousand tons a year, although far from the 22 million produced by China. There they know how to keep the distances, communism and capitalism, freedom and censorship, that I did not go with the bat in the soup and a long etcetera if they even built a wall! In addition, noble garlic is a product with countless medicinal properties, including reducing the risk of stroke and some cancer, although it must be eaten raw in order not to nullify its properties. Go ahead, my brave.  In this small defense of garlic we can look for alternatives, put it, “distance from my ideal weight to the balance” or “distance from the penalty wrong by Martín in Paraguay” Three lost by the optimist of the Gol. I'm satisfied that you stand two feet away as good citizens, what do you think?  


 The good of the week, from here 

Two positive beads you can find on the site, which throws the best wave. And get him back.   Manuel Rapaport  built a sustainable house fifteen years ago with exterior laminate of recycled cans, plus glass bricks, and is an example in the world in Bariloche, Mamo's payments.   In addition, Manuel's design studio, Designno, invited to European exhibitions, actively collaborates from the two thousand in creating urban solutions with the resources, and potential, of the area.  Several public squares reuse with their proposals the waste of the city, in games for children, and recreational mobilary. And it all started with Casa de las Latas, this new style that we can call  croto chic , and now is also a tourist attraction that can be visited.

 The other good thing is that an Argentinean won first prize in the world's most prestigious international press photography competition, Word Press Photo, with a heartbreaking photo of Fatima, a Yemeni woman, and that tells in its story, that of thousands of displaced people around the world. Cordovan  Pablo Tosco , in the company of the Spanish company Julia Serramitjana, won the jury of the world organization resident in Holland. This documentary photographer from Villa Allende, who started with social photos, graduated from the University of Córdoba, and lives in Barcelona twenty years ago,  covers situations of extreme helplessness and absence of human rights, with the desire to testify in difficult times ; ciles , on the path of the greats of Argentine journalism such as  Rodolfo Walsh . Morocco, Nicaragua, Peru, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Mauritania and Burkina Faso, among several covered by the humanitarian NGO's  Oxfan Intermón , are some of the scenarios where Pablo puts his eye on behalf of those who have no voice. No picture.

Publication Date: 24/04/2021

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