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A generous country and a recipe that is not magic

New special from Mamo Gutierrez with an injection of the best vitamin argenta. Every time you think everything is wrong, look around you. And I learned.

As we are

  By Mariano Oropeza  


  In the only Latin American country with five Nobel laureates, three in science, with the best footballer of the last century, with writers who influenced the contemporary Hispanic language more than Spain itself and physicists among the best in the world, self-flagellarse is a national sport. We all have a masochistic dwarf inside.   And the other one too. We love to fall victim in a poorly carried Oedipus that doesn't run out in coffee talks. Mal, there. Or thousands of whatsapp. Worse, in groups.   Nobody denies historical problems, moreover, with several we reflect on our History section. But one of the sections most loved by the editors of the site is the Solidarity Footprint. There dozens of good examples of ordinary people who do good without looking at whom, and with the gauchada well understood, do not give away what I spare, but give what I don't have. Those Argentines probably if we do an argentinity test we will find in their veins, analyzing the cold tomato juice, high octane of “Arbientina”   A compound of the improvements organic gardens, the homes of our fathers and mothers, and that naturally synthesizes, without additives or preserves, argentinity. That it doesn't have to be with stamina, not the stick or the taco. More than sticks you need candles to sail.

    In a new special “A generous country”   , Mamo Gutiérrez informs us about the benefits of being Argentinean through the notables that made us   . Compatriots who unleashed in various disciplines, in various expressions, by force of talent and a lot, a lot of effort. Because to several who complain that Argentines are lazy and misentertaining, one should ask them, and you, what did you do today for your country? And it is not necessary to cross the Cordillera or invent bypass. With leaving the older lady loaded with parcels, pay first in the super, reach. Or chat with that neighbor you know is going through ugly in the pandemic. Someday we will make the story of “No te te metás”, which began in Buenos Aires a century earlier than you think, in the middle of the Yellow Fever against the first immigrants,   But I hope Mamo's advice will help us with the cure. With argentinity it is cured, eaten, educated. I'm Carlos Sacaan, I guarantee you. And hopefully, it's the Good Blade.  


  Argentines Essentials  

  José de San Martin,   Elsa Bonermann   ,   Rene Favaloro   , Olga Orozco, Bruno Gelber, Juana Azurduy, Diego Maradona, Isol, Guillermo Vilas, María Elena Walsh, Jorge Donn, Renata Schussheim and so many others you can find in   Biographies with testimonies and details you didn't know about the Argentines who made history, yours, mine, everyone's. Each of these articles feed shared dreams, Libertador's current childhood, the Pampean days of Orozco or the paddock ball of cebollita Diego, to name, are flashes of difficult realities that were overcome   “-Astor- Piazzolla did not believe in inspiration, but in perspiration,” he confessed exclusively to us.   Amelita Baltar,   on the centenary of the world genius of “Adios Nonino” Argentinos who did not drown in a coffee erase from an empire that was not.   In long months we learned to rename things, and that the world changed even if some still think with an explosion engine,   essential Argentines teach us that values do not change strain. Argentinity has that community DNA that we can sometimes ignore, or refuse, although in the long run the gaucha hand will be stretched out.  

“We can go as far as we want to dream, and we are still on time” closes Mamo promoting this national product that is not magic. It is composed of thousands of lives, some better known than others, that link us to the committed gaze of Guaraní to the mountain, and the laborious encouragement of the immigrant.   Or the firm hands of the gaucho, in the reins, heading to the dawn's arreo. It can be the baker's sweat drops in front of the oven, an early Sunday while the city is resting, or the love hands of the teacher on a chalkboard in La Quiaca. In all that I feel like you and me, Belgrano and Borges, Azurduy and Pizarnik, Di Stefano and Pareto.  


Publication Date: 22/03/2021

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By: El Xeneize 26 March, 2021

Mucha ARBIENTINA necesitamos! Mucha!!

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